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Muslim Baby Boy Names:

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Aaban - Name of the Angel

Aabid - Worshiper

Aadil - Upright

Aahil - Prince

Aalam - World

Aalee - Sublime or high

Aalim - Religious Scholar

Aamil - Work man

Aamir - Civilized

Aaqib - A follower

Aaqil - Intelligent or brilliant

Aarif - Knowing

Aariz - Respectable

Aaryan - Strength

Aashif - Courageous and Bold

Aashir - Living

Aasif - Capable minister

Aasim - Person who is away from sins

Aatif - Kind and affectionate

Aaus - Name of a tree

Aayan - Gift of a God

Aazim - Dedication

Abaan - An old Arabic name

Abbas - Gloomy look

Abd Al-Ala - Slave of the High

Abdul Aalee - Servant of the Most High

Abdul Adl - Slave of the just

Abdul Afuw - Slave of the one who pardons

Abdul Ahad - Slave of he who is one (Allah)

Abdul Aleem - Servant of the Omniscient

Abdul Ali - Slave of the High one

Abdul Alim - Slave of the knowing

Abdul Awwal - Slave of the first One

Abdul Azeez - Servant of the most powerful

Abdul Azim - Slave of the great

Abdul Aziz - Servant of the most powerful one

Abdul Baari - Servant of the Creator

Abdul Baasit - Servant of the Creator

Abdul Badee - Slave of the originator

Abdul Baith - Slave of the one who raises deaths

Abdul Baqi - Slave of the Eternal

Abdul Bari - Slave of the creator

Abdul Baseer - Slave of the All-seeing

Abdul Batin - Slave of an unseen

Abdul Fattah - Slave of giver of victory

Abdul Ghafaar - Servant of the Forgiver

Abdul Ghafoor - Servant of the Forgiver

Abdul Hafeez - Slave of the Protector

Abdul Hafiz - Slave of the Guardian

Abdul Hakam - Servant of the Arbitrator

Abdul Hakeem - Servant of the Wise

Abdul Haleem - Servant of the Patient

Abdul Halim - Slave of the Wise

Abdul Hameed - Servant of the Praiseworthy

Abdul Hamid - Slave of the Praiseworthy

Abdul Hannan - Slave of the Merciful person

Abdul Haq - Servant of the Truth

Abdul Haseeb - Servant of the Respected

Abdul Hasib - Slave of the Reckoner

Abdul Hayy - Slave of the Living

Abdul Jabaar - Servant of the Mighty

Abdul Jaleel - Servant of the Great

Abdul Jawwad - Slave of the Bountiful

Abdul Kabir - Slave of the Great

Abdul Kareem - Servant of the Noble and Generous

Abdul Karim - Slave of the Gracious

Abdul Khabir - Slave of the one who is aware

Abdul Lateef - Servant of the Kind

Abdul Maajid - Slave of the Excellence

Abdul Maalik - Slave of the Master, the Lord

Abdul Majeed - Servant of the Glorious

Abdul Mani - Slave of one who prevents

Abdul Mannan - Slave of the Benefactor

Abdul Mateen - Slave of the Firm

Abdul Mubdee - Slave of the Originator

Abdul Mueed - Slave of the Reproducer

Abdul Muhaimin - Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian and the Protector

Abdul Muhaymin - Slave of the Protector

Abdul Muhsin - Slave of the Benefactor

Abdul Muhyee - Slave of the one who gives life and sustains

Abdul Muiz - Servant of the Glory

Abdul Mujeeb - Servant of the Responder

Abdul Munim - Slave of the Generous

Abdul Muntaqim - Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution

Abdul Muqeet - Slave of the Sustainer

Abdul Muqsit - Slave of the Just

Abdul Musawwir - Slave of the Fashioner

Abdul Mutaal - Servant of the Most High

Abdul Muti - Slave of the Giver

Abdul Muzanni - He was a narrator of Hadith

Abdul Nafi - Slave of the Propitious

Abdul Naseer - Slave of the Helper

Abdul Noor - Slave of the one who is Light

Abdul Qaadir - Servant of the Capable

Abdul Qadeer - Slave of the Powerful

Abdul Qadir - Slave of the Powerful

Abdul Qahaar - Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty

Abdul Qayyum - Slave of the Self-Subsistent

Abdul Qudoos - Servant of the Most Holy

Abdul Raafi - Servant of the One Who Raises and One who Elevates

Abdul Rabb - Slave of the Lord

Abdul Rafi - Slave of the Exalter

Abdul Raheem - Servant of the Most Compassionate person

Abdul Rahim - Slave of the Compassionate

Abdul Rahman - Servant of the merciful

Abdul Raqib - Slave of the Vigilant

Abdul Rauf - Servant of the merciful

Abdul Tawwab - Slave of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting

Abdul Waali - Slave of the Governor

Abdul Wahid - Slave of the Unique

Abdul Wajid - Slave of the Perceiver

Abdul Wakil - Slave of the Trustee

Abdul Waliy - Slave of the Protecting Friend

Abdul Wasi - Slave of the All Embracing

Abdul-Aalee - Servant of the Most High

Abdul-Adheem - Servant of the Most Great

Abdul-Aleem - Servant of the All-Knowing

Abdul-Baaqi - Servant of the Everlasting

Abdul-Baari - Servant of the Evolver

Abdul-Baasit - Servant of the Expander

Abdul-Barr - Servant of the source of Goodness

Abdul-Dhahir - Servant of the Manifest

Abdul-Ghaffar - Servant of the forgiver

Abdul-Ghafur - Servant of the All-Forgiving

Abdul Ghani - Servant of the Self-Sufficient

Abdul-Hadi - Servant of the Guide

Abdul-Hafeedh - Servant of the Preserver

Abdul-Hakeem - Servant of the Wise

Abdul-Haleem - Servant of the Forbearing One

Abdul-Hameed - Servant of the Praiseworthy

Abdul-Haqq - Servant of the Truth

Abdul-Haseeb - Servant of the Reckoner

Abdul-Jabbar - Servant of the Compeller

Abdul-Jaleel - Servant of the Sublime One

Abdul-Kareem - Servant of the Most Generous

Abdul-Khaliq - Servant of the Creator

Abdul-Lateef - Servant of the Subtle One

Abdul-Majeed - Servant of the Most Glorious

Abdul-Majid - Servant of the Noble

Abdul-Malik - Servant of the Sovereign Lord

Abdul-Mu'eid - Servant of the Restorer

Abdul-Mu'izz - Servant of the Honourer

Abdul-Mughni - Servant of the Enricher

Abdul-Mujeeb - Servant of the Responsive

Abdul-Mumin - Servant of the Guardian of Faith

Abdul-Muqtadir - Servant of the Powerful

Abdul-Muta'alee - Servant of the Most Exalted

Abdul-Nur - Servant of the Light

Abdul-Qaadir - Servant of the Able

Abdul-Qahhar - Servant of the Subduer

Abdul-Qaiyoum - Servant of the Self-Sustaining

Abdul-Quddus - Servant of the Holy

Abdul-Rasheed - Servant of the rightly guided

Abdul-Rashid - Servant of the rightly guided

Abdul-Waajid - Servant of the Finder

Abdul-Wadood - Servant of the Loving

Abdul-Wahhab - Servant of the Bestower

Abdul-Warith - Servant of the Supreme Inheritor

Abdullah - Servant of Allah

Abdur Rahman - Slave of Allah

Abdur Rashid - Slave of the Guide

Abdur Razzaq - Slave of the provider;

Abdur-Raheem - Servant of the Most Merciful

Abdur-Rahman - Servant of the Most Gracious

Abdur-Raqeeb - Servant of the Watchful

Abdur-Rasheed - Servant of Guide to the Right Path

Abdur-Rauf - Servant of the Compassionate

Abdur-Razzaq - Servant of the Provider

Abdus - Name of the narrator of one of the hadith

Abdus Sabur - Slave of the Forbearing

Abdus Salaam - Slave of the Giver of Peace

Abdus Samad -Slave of the Independent

Abdus Sami - Slave of the All Hearing

Abdus Sattar - Slave of the one who conceals faults

Abdus Shafi - Slave of the Healer

Abdus Subbooh - Slave of the extremely pure

Abdus-Sabour - Servant of the Patient

Abdus-Salaam - Servant of the Source of Peace

Abdus-Samad - Servant of the Eternal

Abdus-Sameei - Servant of the All-Hearing

Abdus-Shaheed - Servant of the Witness

Abdus-Shakur - Servant of the Appreciative

Abdush Shahid - Slave of the Witness

Abid - Worshipper

Abisali - Warrior in Islam

Abrad - Hail, Mail

Abrar - Piety

Abrash - Spotted, Speckled

Absi - Name of Abdullah ibn- Musa (a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829)

Abt'hi - One who lives in Abtah (a place near Makkah)

Abul-Hassan - The Son of Ali

Abyad - A narrator of hadith

Abyan - Eloquent

Abzari - Seeds and spice (seedsman)

Adam - A Prophet's Name

Adawi - Grandson of Sayyindina Umer

Adbul-Qawi - Servant of the Most Powerful

Adeeb - A literary Person

Adeel - Just

Adeem - Rare

Adel - Honourable Judge (one who jugdes Fairly)

Adham -Black

Adheem - The most great

Adib - Cultured

Adil - Just, Honest

Adiy - A companion of the Prophet

Adl - Justice

Adnan - A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh

Aduz Zahir - Slave of the Manifest

Adyan - A nabee was named by this name

Afaaq - The place where Earth and Sky meet

Afeef - Pure, Chaste, and Pious

Affan - Forgiving person

Afham - Loving

Afif - Chaste and Modest

Afiq - Honest

Aflah - Gaining success

Afraz - Standing tall like a mountain (ability to withstand)

Afruz - Standing tall like a mountain (ability to withstand)

Aftaab - Sun, Bright and prosperous

Aftab - Sun

Afzal - The Best

Agharr - Handsome and beautiful

Ahab - Strong

Ahad - The one

Ahmad - Most highly adored

Ahmar - Red Coloured

Ahnaf - Name of one of the narrators of hadith

Ahsan - The best of all

Ahwas - Having narrow contracted eyes

Ahyan - Gift of God

Ahzab - Name of one of the narrators of Hadith

Aidan - Helps and intelligent

Aidh - Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran

Aijaz - Blessful

Aiman - Fearless

Aizat - Sweet

Ajer - Reward

Ajlah - A narrator of hadith had this name

Ajmal - Beautiful

Akbar - Great

Akdas - Holy book

Akeem - Wise

Akhas - A narrator of hadith

Akhdan - Best Friend

Akhfash -There have been several men of this name.

Akhlaq - Behaving

Akhtar - A Star and good

Akif - Attached

Akmal - Lion

Akram - Most Generous

Al hakeem - Wise man

Al-Kareem - Educator

Ala' - Nobility

Ali - Noble

Alman - Kind, willing, and a wise man

Almir - Prince

Altamash - Name of a famous king

Amaan - Loveable

Amaar - One who prays 5 times and fasts

Amam - Safety and Protection

Amayr - Crown

Ameer - Commander, Prince, and Khalifah

Amer - Very Rich

Amin - Faithful, trustworthy, and a custodian

Amir - Prosperous

Amjad - More glorious and more illustrious

Ammaar - One with strong Imaan

Ammar - Long of age

Amr -"By my life"

Anas -Love and affection

Anasah - The freed slave of the Prophet had this name

Aneeq - Valuable

Anees - Intimate and friendly

Aniq - Elegant

Anis - Close friend, a companion

Anjam - Stars

Ansar - The first people who got converted to the religion of Islam were the people of Ansar

Antarah - Name of the freed slave of Sulaym

Anwaar - Light and glow

Anwar - Radiant

Anzar - Angel of paradise

Aqdas - Pure, Holy

Aqeel - Wise and Intelligent

Aqeil - Knowledgeable

Arbaaz - Eagle

Arbab - Who looks after someone, caretaker

Areeb - Skilful, Adroit

Areez - Friend

Arfan - Gratefulness

Arham - Merciful

Arif - knowledgeable

Arish - A brave soldier

Armaan - Desire, hope

Arman - Army man

Arqam - Pen, Speckled snake

Arsal - The one who was sent

Arsalaan - Lion

Arsh - Crown

Arshad - Better guided and a honest person

Arshaq - Handsome

Arslan - Lion

Artah - A narrator of the hadith

Aryan - Of utmost strength

As'ad - Happier

Asad - Lion

Asar - Fourth Prayer of the day

Asbagh - Coloured animal

Asbat - A narrator of hadith

Aseed - A narrator of Hadith

Asfar - The morning's light

Asgar - Devoted

Asghar - Shorter, Smaller, and a Junior

Asha'ath - Scattered and Spread about

Ashar - One who has wisdom

Ashaz - One in a million

Asher - Wise and knowledgeable

Ashfaq - A compassionate friend

Ashik - Lover, Love

Ashim - Generous

Ashmaan - Heaven

Ashmath - Correct path, Straight path

Ashraf - Honourable

Asim - Protector

Aslam - Peace

Asrar - Sacred relating to Islam

Ata - Gift

Ataubaq - Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous

Ateeb - Very pious

Athar - Neat and Clean

Athazaz - Unknown, Mystery

Athier - Lion hearted

Atif - United, Joined, and Together

Atik - The black cloth of the Qaaba

Atiq - Ancient or Noble

Attiq - Old

Awad - Reward, Compensation

Awf - Guest, fragrance, lion

Awn - To help, assist

Aws - To give

Ayaan - God's gift

Ayaaz - Slave

Ayaz - A sincere slave of Mahmoud the king once upon a time

Aybak - Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian

Aydin - Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon

Aymaan - Lucky

Ayman - Right Hand

Ayub - A prophet of Allah (swt)

Ayyash - Bread seller

Ayyub - Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship.

Azaan - Call for the prayer

Azad - Freedom

Azeem - Great, greater

Azfer - Leader

Azhar - Famous

Azim - Greatest

Azlan - Lion

Azmat - Respect, honour

Azraq - Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet

Azraqi - He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah

Azzam - Determined, resolved

Baahir - Dazzling, Brilliant

Baasim - Smiling

Babar - Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities.Highly, powerful and influential, very charismatic

Baber - Courageous, Lion

Baqar - Inevitable, lion, powerful

Baqir - Beloved one and very Close to heart

Barkat - Growth

Barr - Just

Barraq - Shining

Basel - Brave

Basem - Smiling

Bashaar - Bringer of glad tidings

Bashar - Bringer of glad tidings

Basharat - Good news

Basil - Brave

Basim - Smiling and Happy

Basir - Bringer of glad tidings

Bassam - Smiling

Batal - Champion

Bazaan - The old emperor of Yaman

Bazam - It was the name of the Tabiee

Behzad - Honest and caring

Bilal - Name of the Prophet's Muezzin

Bishr - Joy, solved

Bulhut - A narrator of hadith had this name

Burak - Horse like animal that carried the Prophet during mehraj and will carry those that are selected on resurrection day

Burayd - Cold, Mind

Burhaan - Proof

Burhan - Proof

Da'wud - A Prophet's Name

Daamin - Guarantor, Surety

Daanish - Wisdom, Learning, Science

Dabbah - Latch, door lock

Dabir - Judge

Daghfal - Name of first Islamic geologist

Dakhil - Foreigner, a stranger

Dameer - Heart, Conscience

Damurah - Sparkle of light, fire

Daniel - Intelligent

Danish - Intelligent

Daniyal - Intelligent

Darim - Name of a narrator of hadith

Dawid - Prince

Dawlah - Riches, happiness

Dawoud - A Prophet's name

Dayyan - A mighty Ruler

Dean - Religion

Dhiya - Light, splendour

Dhul Fiqar - Name of the Prophet's sword

Dilawar - Brave, Courageous

Dildar - Charming, beloved

Dinar - Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit

Diya - Light (Also pronounced Ziya)

Diyari - A gift, present

Dizhwar - Mean, strong

Duha - Fore noon

Ehan - Full moon

Ehsaas - Feel

Eijaz - Miracle

Ejaz - To do something which others cannot do

El-Amin - Very Trustworthy

Emran - Achievement

Eshan - In God Grace, Worthy

Faaiz - Successful, Prosperous, and Victories

Faakhir - Proud and Excellent

Faaris - Horseman, Knight

Faaz - Victorious and successful

Fadi - Redeemer

Fadil - Honourable and an outstander

Fadl - Reward, favour

Faeq - Surpassing, excellent

Fahad - wild cat

Fahd - Lynx

Faheem - Intelligent

Fahim - Understanding, clever, wise

Fahmi - Understanding

Fahyim - Very Clever

Faik - Surpassing, excellent, leader

Faiq - Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding

Faisal - Strong, handsome

Faiyaz - Artistic

Faiz - Grace, favour

Faizaan - Grace, Favour

Faizan - Ruler

Fajaruddin - The First

Fajer - Morning

Fakeeh - Cheerful

Fakhr - Pride, Something to feel proud about

Fakhri - Honorary, glorious, proud

Fakhrul - Proud

Fakih - Humorous

Falah - Success

Faqeeh - Jurist, Scholar of religious laws

Farafisa - Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi

Faraj - There have been many men with this name

Farasat - Perception, sagacity

Faraz - Ascent, height

Fardeen - Radiant

Fareed - Unique, incomparable

Farees - Brave

Farhan - Glad, happy, and joyful

Farid - Unique

Faris - Horseman, rider, knight

Farooq - Comely, One who distinguishes truth from falsehood

Farouk - Knowing right from wrong

Farrukh - Happy, Auspicious

Faruq - One who distinguishes truth from falsehood

Fasahat - Eloquence

Faseeh - Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN)

Fateen - Clever, Smart

Fateh - Victory

Fatih - Victor, conqueror, the "opener" (eg: surah al-Fath)

Fatik - Deadly, Lethal

Fattah - One who attains victory?

Fawad - Heart

Fawwaz - Successful

Fawz - Success, Salvation

Fawzan - Successful, Salvation

Fawzi - Successful

Fayaaz - Kind & Generous; Gracious

Fayd - Abundance

Fayek - Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding

Faysal - Decisive

Fayzan - Beneficence

Fazal - Grace

Fazan - Ruler

Feroz - Shinning

Fiddah - Silver

Fidyan - Person who makes sacrifice

Haji - Pilgrim

Hajib - Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering

Hajjaj - Orbit, eye socket, Argument, debate

Hakim -Brother

Haleef - Ally, confederate

Haleem - Patient

Hallaj - Cotton ginner

Halwani - Confectioner

Hamd - Praise, lauding

Hamdan - The one who lauds, extols

Hamdhy - Sympathy, blessing

Hamdi - Of praise, commendable

Hameem - Friend

Hami - Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender

Hamid - Praising, Allah, commendable

Hamiz - Brave, strong

Hammad - Praising Allah

Hammam - great man, a chief, a hero

Hamood - one who praises Allah

Hamza - Lion

Hamzah - Lion

Hanash - A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name

Haneef - Upright, true

Hani - Delighted, content

Hanif - True believer

Hanifah -Upright

Haq - Power

Haris -Vigilant guardian

Harisah - Guardian

Harith - Ploughman, cultivator

Haroon - A Prophet's name

Hasan - Handsome, good

Haseeb - Respected, esteemed

Haseen - Beautiful, Smart

Hasham - Servant

Hashid - One who rallies people, crowded, gathered

Hashim - Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet)

Hashir - One who Assembles

Hashmat - Dignity, Glory

Hasib - The reckoner

Hasnain - Combination of Hassan and Hussain

Hassan - Really beautiful

Hatib - A wood collector

Hatim - Judge

Hawshab - A son of Iama Muslim had this name

Hayaat -Life

Hayder - Means "lion" in Arabic. This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima - daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Haytham - Young hawk

Hayyam - Loving

Hazim - Discreet, prudent

Haziq - Intelligent, skilful

Hesam - A sharp sword

Hibah - Grant, donation

Hibbaan - Fleshy

Hidayat - Instruction

Hilal - Crescent

Himayat - Protection, Support

Hisham - Generosity

Hissan - Generous

Hooman - Good soul, good natured

Hosaam - Sword

Houda - Guided

Hubaab - Bubble of Water

Hud - A Prophet's name

Hujayyah - The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called

Hujjat - Argument, reasoning, proof

Humaid - Praised

Humair - Red

Humam - Courageous, generous

Humayl - A companion of the Prophet

Humayun - Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial

Humd - Praise of Allah

Humza - The name Humza is one of the Arabic alphabets

Hurairah - Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Hurayth - A small cultivator

Hurmat - Chastity, sacred

Hurrah - Liberal, free

Husam - Sword

Husni - Good, handsome

Hussain - Handsome, beautiful

Hussein - Handsome, Beautiful

Huthayfa - Old Arabic name

Huzaifah - Curtailed, shortened

Huzayfah - Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short

Huzayl - Bin Shurah bil had this name

Ibaad - A worshipper

Ibn - Son of

Ibrahim - A Prophet's name

Idris - A Prophet's name

Iftikhar - Proud

Ihab - Leather

Ihsan - Beneficence

Ihtesham - Respectable, honourable, present personality

Ihtiram - Honour, hold in honour

Ihtsham - Strength

Ijaz - Miracle

Ijli - This was the name of the makes of astrolabes

Ikrimah - A companion's name

Ilan - Good person

Ilifat - Friendship, kindness, obligation

Ilyas - A Prophet's name

Imaad - Pillar of strength, confident

Imaan - Faith

Imad - Support, pillar, confidence

Imran - A Prophet's name

Imtiaz - Different, antique

Imtiyaz - Distinct

Inaam - Reward, favour, Prize

Inayat - Bounty, Kindness, favour

Iniat - Blessing

Insaf - To Judge with Justice

Intaj - King, magnificent

Intikhab - Selection, choice

Intizar - Wait

Iqbal - Responsiveness

Iqraam - To be of assistance, respect

Iqrit - A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told

Iqtidar - Power, Office, Authority

Irfan - Gratefulness

Isa - A Prophet's name

Isam - Protector

Ishaq - A Prophet's name

Ishrat - Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness

Ishtiyaq - Longing, craving

Iskandar - See Sikandar

Islam - Submission to Allah

Isma'il - A Prophet's name

Ismah - Preservation, infallibility

Ismail - A prophet’s name

Israr - Insist, never gives up

Issar - Sacrifice

Istakhri - A shafaee jurist

Ithaar - Selflessness

Itimad - Trust, faith

Iyaad - Generous

Iyaas - Compensation

Izaan - Obedience

Izyan - Intelligent, wise

Izz - Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing

Izzat - High rank, honour

Jaan - Life, Soul

Jabir - Consoler, Comforter, restorer

Jabr - Compulsion name of a companion

Jad - Curly, Frizzled

Jafar - Rivulet, stream

Jaffer - Flowing water

Jahangir - A Moghul emperor had this name

Jahanzeb - Beautiful

Jahdami - An authority for hadith had this name

Jahdari - An authority of Quran had this name

Jahiz - Ogle-eyed

Jahm - Sullen

Jalal - Glory, grandeur

Jalees - Companion, friend, person with whom one sits

Jalil - Great, revered

Jamal - Beauty

Jamesha - Beautiful leader

Jamil - Beautiful, lovely

Jan - Life, heart

Jaraah - Surgeon; name of tabaree

Jareer - Corpulent

Jari - Powerful, brave

Jariyah - Name of an Ashb-as-Suffa

Jarood - Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Jarrar - Brave

Jasim - Healthy, Strong, Powerful

Jasmir - Strong

Jauhar - Gem, jewel

Javed - Bright

Javeed - Forever

Javier - Month of January

Jawad - Liberal, generous

Jawdan - Goodness

Jawhar - Jewel, gem

Jazib - Beautiful, Handsome

Jazlaan - Happiness

Jeelan - It is a city in Iran

Jibran - Reward

Jibril - Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)

Jihad - Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war

Jiyad - Very good

Juayl - Quarrdsome

Jubair - Counsels or brings together

Juhaym - Sullen

Juma' - Friday

Jumanah - Pearl; name of a companion

Jummal - Unit of army

Junaid - Fighter, a worrier whose strength is equal to a small army

Junayd - Fighter, a warrior

Jundub - Grasshopper

Juthamah - Nightmare

Kaamil - Perfect, accomplished

Kaashif - Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer

Kabeer - Great

Kabir - Big, great

Kafeel - Responsible, Surety, Sponsor

Kaiser - Emperor, King

Kajji - An authority of hadith at Baghdad

Kalbi - An authority on genealogy and the Quran

Kaleem - Speaker, talker

Kaleema - Public speaker, singer

Kamal - Perfection, completeness

Kamil - Perfect, complete

Kamran - Safety and helpful

Kareem - Noble, generous

Karim - Giver

Kasam - The king

Kashan - Place of rulers

Kashif - Uncoverer

Kasim - Lovely

Kawkab - Star

Kawthar - Much, Abundant, Copious

Kaysan - Wise

Kazi - Judge

Kazim - Restrainer of anger

Keyaan - Crown, King

Khadim - Servant, attendant

Khafid - Easy, comfortable, smooth

Khalaf - Successor, Descendants

Khalam - Servant to Allah

Khaldun - Implies eternity

Khaleed - Abiding

Khaleel - Goo Friend

Khaleeq - Suitable for Worthy, Deserving, Polite, and Affable

Khalid - Eternal, glorious

Khalifah - Successor, Caliph

Khalis - Pure, Clean

Khallad - Old, Aged

Kharijah - Outside, external

Khasib - Fertile, Productive, Profuse

Khateeb - Orator, Preacher

Khawar - From east to west

Khayaam - Iranian Poet, Tent

Khayr - Goodness, health, Safe

Khayri - Charitable

Khayyat - Tailor

Khazin - Treasurer

Khidash - Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s companion

Khidr - Green

Khirash - Scratching, Scraping, (name of a companion)

Khubaib - Shinning

Khubayb - A fast walker, (name of companion)

Khulayd - Abiding, (name of companion)

Khunays - Hidden (name of companion)

Khuram - Tiger

Khuraymah - (name of companion)

Khurram - Cheerful, Happy

Khursheed - The sun

Khurshid - Sun

Khush Bakht - Fortunate, of good fortune

Khushtar - Surrounded by happiness

Kifayat - Enough or sufficient

Kinza - Hidden treasure

Kishwar - A country (region)

Kurayb - Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name

Labeeb - Understanding, Sensible, and Intelligent

Labib - Sensible and intelligent

Lahi'ah - A narrator of hadith

Laiq - Deserving

Laith - Lion

Lajlaj - One of prophet's (S.A.W) companions

Laqeet - Well known companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Lateef - Kind

Latif - Fine, gentle, refined

Layth - A famous jurist had this name

Liban - Successful

Limazah - He was a narrator of hadith

Liyaqat - Worth, deserving, merit

Lu'ay - Shield

Luqman - A Prophet's name

Lut - Name of a Prophet

Lutf - Bounty, enjoyment

Lutfi - Kind and friendly, gentle

Ma'mun - Trustworthy, reliable

Ma'n - Assistance

Maaz - Brave Man

Mabad - A place of worship

Madani - Civilised

Madiyan - Name of place in Saudi Arabia

Madyan - Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet (PBUH) used to visit

Mahad - Great, nice

Mahaz - The place of war

Mahbeer - Brave

Mahbub - Dear, Darling, Sweetheart

Mahd - The guided one

Mahdi - Rightly Guided

Maher - Skilled

Mahfuj - The Protected One

Mahfuz - Preserved, safe

Mahja - Place to sleep

Mahmud - The praised one, commendable

Majd - Glory, nobility

Majdi - Glorious, praiseworthy

Makhdoom - One who is served

Makki - Pertaining to Makkah

Malih - A reciter of Quran was so called

Malik - Master

Mamduh - Person commended, praised

Mamoon - Secure, fearless

Mansoor - Victorious

Mansur - Divinely aided, victorious

Manzar - View, Sight

Manzoor - Approved, Accepted

Maqbool - Popular

Maqil - Intelligent

Marghoob - Desirable, coveted, agreeable

Maru'deen - A strong believer of the religion

Maruf - Known, accepted

Marwan - Solid

Marzuq - Blessed, fortunate

Masarrat - Happiness, delight, joy

Mash'al - Torch

Mashhood - Witness

Mashhud - Clear, Manifest, Witnessed

Mashkoor - One who is worthy of thanks, deserving

Masood - Blissful, fortunate, auspicious

Masoud - Lucky

Masroor - Happy person, joyful

Masrur - Happy, glad

Masud - Fortunate, happy, lucky

Masum - Innocent, infallible

Mateen - Solid, constant, tough, substantive

Matloob - Objective, goal

Mawsil - Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq

Maymun - Fortunate, blessed

Maysarah - Ease, comfort

Mazin - Cloud that carries rain

Mehboob - Loveable

Mehtab- The Moon

Mekka - Name of Holy city

Mensur - Winner

Miftah - Key

Mika - Cool, sweet, intelligent

Mika'il - One of Allah's angels

Mimar - Mason, architect

Minhaj - Road, Path

Miraj - Ascension (to heaven)

Mirsab - The sword of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Misbah - Light, lamp

Miskeen - Poor

Mistah - Instrument to level something

Mo'tasim - Handsome

Moazzam - Respectable

Mobeen - Sensitive

Moeen ud din - Helper in the religion

Moeez - Respectful

Moemen - Believer and faithful to Allah

Mohammed - Name of final prophet (PBUH)

Mohid - The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty

Mohsin - Helper, attractive

Mokbul - Accept

Mostafa - Chosen one

Motaz - Proud

Mounir - Light, sunlight

Mourad - Desire

Mu'adh - Protected

Mu'afa - Name of a man who travelled extensively to find Hadith

Mu'alla - A judge and follower

Mu'allim - Teacher

Mu'awiyah - First Ummayad Caliph

Mu'awwiz - Companion who participated in the Battle of Badr

Mu'ayyad - Supported

Mu'inuddeen - The Helper of the religion

Muammar - Senior

Muammer - Senior

Muballigh - Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam

Mubarak - Blessed, fortunate, auspicious

Mubaraq - Blessing

Mubashir - Spreader of good news

Mubassir - Observer

Mubeen - Clear

Mubid - Intellectual

Mudabbir - One who plans

Mudasir - Handsome

Mudasser - A word in the Qur'an

Mueen - One who helps

Mueez - One who gives protection

Mufaddal - One who is preferred

Mufakkir - Thinker, one who meditates

Mufallah - One who prospers

Mufeed - (from the verb fada to overflow)

Mufid - Useful

Muflih - One who prospers

Mufti - Jurist

Mughith - Helper, succourer

Muhafiz - One who protects

Muhaimin - Supervising, guardian, protector

Muhajir - Immigrant

Muhammad - Praiseworthy - name of the LAST Prophet (A.S)

Muhannad - Sword

Muharrem - First month of Islamic year

Muhdee - One who presents

Muheet - That which embraces all round

Muhib - One who loves, friend

Muhriz - Obtainer, winner, earner

Muhsin - Beneficent, charitable

Muhtadi - Right guided

Muhtashim - One who has many followers

Muiz - The giver of might and glory

Mujaddid - One who renews or renovates or refreshes

Mujahid - A warrior

Mujazziz - Name of a companion

Mujeeb - Responder

Mujibur - Responsive

Mujtaba - The chosen one

Mukarram - Respected, honoured

Mukhlis - Sincere, pure-hearted

Mukhtar - Selected, authorised

Mukthadir - Strong, health

Mulayl - A companion was so named

Mumin - One who believes

Mumtaz - One who is distinguished

Munaf - Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to

Munawwar - Enlightened, lighted

Muneeb - One who turns in repentance

Muneer - Shining

Munir - Moon's Light, Lamp

Munis - Name of a previous chief army guard

Munkadir - Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith

Munqad - One who is led, conducted, obedient

Muntasir - One of the Abbasid Khalifah was known as such

Muntazir - The awaiting

Munzir - Warner

Muqaddas - Sacred

Muqatadir - Name of an Abbasid Khalifah

Muqbil - Following, next

Muqtasid - One who is economical, thrifty

Murabbi - Patron, Superior, guardian

Murad - Desire

Mursal - Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador

Murshid - Spiritual guide, instructor, mentor

Murtaad - Ascetical

Murtadaa - Chosen one

Murtaza - The generous, the giving

Musa - A Prophets name

Musaddiq - One who confirms or verifies another

Musaid - Helper

Museeb - Apple in Persian. Also means great warrior

Musharraf - One who is honoured, exalted

Musheer - Advisor

Mushfiq - Friend, considerate

Mushir - "The one of highest rank" was used mostly in military in the past

Mushtaq - Ardent, Longing

Muslih - Reformer

Muslim - One who submits to Allah

Mussarrat - Joyful, always happy

Mustaeen - The chosen one

Mustafa - The chosen one, also one of the Prophets names

Mustafeed - Profiting, gainful

Mustahsan - Commendable

Mustajab - One who is heard

Mustakim - Straight road

Mustaneer - Brilliant

Mustaqeem - Straight

Mustatab - Good, Delectable

Mutahhir - What Purifies

Mutashim - Decent, honest and modest

Mutasim - Kept away from sin; name of Khalifah

Mutawassit - Moderate, average

Mutayyib - Fragrant

Muttaqi - Righteous, one who fears Allah

Muttee - Obedient

Muzaffar - Victorious

Muzakkir - Reminder

Muzammil - The wrapped one

Muzhir - Witnessed, name of companion

Muzzammil - Wrapped

Na'il - Acquirer, earner

Naadir - Dear, Rare, Precious

Nabeel - Noble Man

Nabhan - Alert

Nabigh Genius

Nabih - Alert

Nabil - Noble, generous

Nadeem - Companion, Friend

Nadhir - Warner

Nadim - Friend, companion

Nadir - Dear, rare, precious

Nadr - Flourishing

Naeem - Blessing, Ease

Nafasat - Refinement

Nafees - Pureness, Pure

Nafis - Precious

Naib - Deputy, Second in Command

Naim - Comfort, tranquillity

Najair - Little Star

Najam - Star

Najeeb - Of noble birth

Najeed -Highland

Naji - Safe

Najib - Intelligent

Najid - One who helps, supports

Najih - Successful

Najm - Star, celestial body

Nameer - Pure

Namik - Writer, an Author

Naqeeb - Leader

Naqi - Pure

Naqid - Fault-finder

Naqqaash - Painter, artist

Naseef - The just one

Naseem - Breeze

Naseer - One who helps

Nashat - Joy, Cheer

Nashit - Energetic, active

Nasif - Most just, equitable

Nasih - Advisor, well-wisher

Nasim - Breath of Fresh air, breeze

Nasir - Protector, supporter

Nasmi - Breeze

Nasr - Help, victory

Nasser - Protector

Natiq - Categorical, talker, speaker

Naushad - Happy

Naveed - Glad tidings

Navid - See Naveed

Nawaz - Prince, kind, loving and generous

Nawfal - Generous, old Arabic word for the Sea

Nayab - Rare, Precious

Nazakat - Delicacy

Nazar - The one who gives

Nazeef - Clean, neat

Nazeer - One who warns

Nazih - Pure, chaste

Nazim - Intelligence , Power

Nazir - Observer, supervisor

Nehan - Beautiful

Nidal - Fight, defence

Nihal - Happy, Prosperous

Nishaaj - Explorer

Nithar - Sacrifice

Niyaz - Dedication, Offering

Nizam - Administration

Nizzar - Keen-eyed

Noman - Men with all blessings of Allah

Nooh - Name of Prophet

Noor - Attribute of Allah

Noorali - Light of Ali

Noraiz - The first ray of sunlight which came to earth

Nour - Light

Noureddine - Light of faith

Nu'man - Blood

Nuaym - One of narrators of Hadith

Nubaid - Bringing Happiness

Nuh - A Prophet's name

Numair - Baby Tiger

Nur - Light

Nur Firdaus - Light of the Highest Paradise

Nur-ul-Qiblatayn - Light of the two Qibla

Nuraz - The Treasure Of Noor

Nurdeen - Light of the religion

Nuri - Shining, brightness

Nusayb - Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam

Nusayr - Narrator of Hadith had this name

Obaid - Small Slave

Omair - Intelligent

Omar - Long-Lived

Osama - Lion

Owais - A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Parsa - Devout or abstemious person, pious

Parvez - Success. Name of a Persian King

Pervaiz - Breeze

Qaadir - Capable

Qabeel - Son of Sayyidina Aadam

Qadar - Divine destiny

Qadeer - Powerful, very kind hearted, and honest

Qadi - Judge

Qadim - Ancient

Qahtan - Name of a tribe

Qaim - Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded

Qais - Lover

Qamar - Moon

Qani - Content, Satisfied

Qanit - Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing

Qareeb - Near

Qaseem - Share, Portion

Qasid - Messenger

Qasif - Discover

Qasim - Divider, distributor

Qatadah - A hardwood tree

Qawee - Strong, powerful

Qays - Firm

Quadir - Strong

Qudamah - Companion of Prophet (S.A.W)

Qudoos - Most holy

Qurban - Offering, Sacrifice

Qusay - Distant

Qutaybah - A narrator of hadith

Qutb - Celebrity, personality

Ra'id - Leader, pioneer

Raahil - Path guider

Raamis - The good looking one

Raamiz - Symbol

Raashid - Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent

Rabah - Gainer

Rabar - A loving and caring person to all

Rabbani - Divine

Rabee - Spring

Rabi' - Spring, breeze

Rabiah - Greenery

Rabit - Binding, Fastening

Radi - Satisfied

Raees - Rich, Wealthy, Chief

Rafan - Beautiful, graceful

Rafay - The Exalter, To Elevate Rank

Rafee - High, High-ranking, cultured, refined

Rafeek - Friend

Rafi - High, High-ranking, cultured, refined. In the Quran, the

Rafik - Kind, friend

Rafiq - Kind, friend

Raghib - Desiring, willing

Rahat - Rest, Response

Raheel - One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave

Raheesh - Leader, Chief, Rich

Rahil - Path guider

Rahim - Merciful

Rahmat - Mercy

Raihan - Heavens' Flower

Raiyan - Satisfaction, contented

Rajaa - Hope

Rajab - 7th Month of the Islamic Calendar

Rakeem - Writer

Rakhshan - Dazzling

Ramadan - 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar

Rameez - Symbol

Ramin - Who rescues the people from hungry and pain (Brings Joy into peoples life)

Ramiz - Symbol

Raonar - Lustre

Raquib - Most watchful

Raseem - One who designs

Rashad - Integrity of conduct, maturity

Rashdan - Guidance, rectitude

Rasheed - Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided

Rashid - Righteous, mature

Rasool - Name of the nabi

Rauf - Merciful, kind

Rawahah - Departure, Fragrance, ease

Rawdah - Garden Meadow, Paradise

Rawh - Refreshment, Rest

Rayan - The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter

Rayees -Rich

Rayhaan - Sweet basil

Rayhan - Basil, Sweet basil, Fragrance

Rayn - It is the name of a gate of the heaven

Rayyan - Full, pretty

Raza - Handsome

Razam - Lion

Razeen - Sedate, Slemn, Grave, Sober-Minded

Rehan - King

Rehma - The loving

Rehmat-ullah - Blessings of Allah Almighty

Reza - Wish

Riaz - Garden, devotion

Ridha - Contentment

Ridwan - Keeper of the gates of heaven

Rifa'ah - Dignity

Risay - The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One

Riyad - Gardens

Riyasat - Rule, Dominion

Rizwan - Peon of Paradise

Robeel - Flight

Rohail - Noble

Roshan - Bright, Shining

Rowel - Flower,

Rukanah - Firm, Solid

Rushd - On the right path

Ruwayfi - Exalted

Sa'd - Felicity

Sa'dan - Happy and fortunate

Sa'id - Happy, fortunate

Sa'im - Fasting

Sa'ir - Walking

Sa'irah - Walking

Sa'ood - Fortunate, Happy

Saad - A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Saadat - Blessing, Honoured

Saafir - Ambassador, handsome

Saahir - Wakeful

Saaiq - He who drives on the right path

Saal - The year consisting of twelve months

Saaqib - Star

Sabbir - Patient

Sabeeh - A narrator of Hadith

Sabil - Path, way

Sabiq - First, Former

Sabir - Patient

Sabur - Patient, perservent

Saburah - A narrator of Hadith

Sadan - Happy, Fortunate

Sadaqat - Truth

Sadeed - Relevant, Pertinent

Sadeem - Haze, Mist

Sadik - Truthful

Sadiq - Truthful

Sadit - Hard working and strong

Saeed - Blissful, auspicious

Safdar - One who breaks the enemy's rank

Safeenah - Name of an Ahl As-Suffah

Safeer - Emissary

Saffar - An authority of Hadith

Safiy-Allah - Allah's chosen one

Safiyy - Chosen One

Saful Islam - Sword of Islam

Safwan - Rock

Sagheer - Small, short

Sahab - Cloud

Sahar - Time before day break, bewitch

Saheim - Warrior

Sahib - Companion, friend

Sahil - Guide

Sahir - Wakeful

Sahl - Easy, Uncomplicated

Sahm - Arrow, dart

Sahmir - Entertaining companion

Saib - Forsaken, abandoned

Saif - Sword

Saifan - Sword of Allah

Saiful - Azman Sword of dream

Saji - A scholar had this name

Sajid - Prostrating

Sajjad - One who does much prostrations

Sakhawat - Generosity, liberality, open-handiness

Sakhr - Rock

Sakhrah - Rocks

Salaahddinn - The righteousness of the faith

Salaam - Peace

Salah - Righteousness of the faith, goodness

Salam - Peace

Salamah - Soundness, integrity

Salamat - Safety

Salar - Leader

Saleel - Warrior of understanding, Noble hearted

Saleem - Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, and Sincere

Salif - Previous, Former

Salih - Safe, whole, flawless

Salik - Passable, unobstructed

Salim - Secure, free

Salman - Safe

Salsaal - Pure Water

Salsal - Pure Water

Salt - A narrator of Hadith

Sameed - Brave, simple

Sameer - Entertainer

Sameh - Forgiver

Sami - High, lofty, exalted

Samir - Entertaining companion

Samit - Quiet

Sanaullah - Worshiper of Allah

Sanawbar - A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine

Saqer - Falcon

Saqib - Shining Star

Sarab - Mirage

Sarfaraz - King

Sarfraz - Person sitting at a high place

Sarim - Lion, brave, big hearted

Sariyah - Travels by night

Sarmad - Eternity

Sarosh - Angel

Sarwar - Chief, leader, Joy

Saud - Felicities, good fortune

Sawa - Equal, same

Sawad - Blackness, Skill

Sawlat - Influence, commanding, personality, awe

Sawwaf - Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer

Sayf - Sword

Sayfiyy - Concerning sword

Sayhan - Flowing

Sayid - Lord, Master

Sayyar - Mobile, Constantly on the move

Seema - Mien, Expression, Countenance

Seif - Sword

Shaaf - One who gives health

Shaariq - Radiance

Shabaan - Islamic Month

Shabab - Youth

Shabah - Resembling

Shaban - Name of an Islamic month

Shabaz - Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, self-confidence, respectful

protected by Allah

Shabb - Young

Shabbeer - Appellation of Imam Husain (R.A)

Shabbir - Pious, beautiful

Shabeeh - Resembling

Shabib - A scholar who wrote about Quran

Shad - Happy

Shadab - Fresh, evergreen

Shadan - Happy

Shadeed - Lover

Shadhin - Independent

Shadi - Singer

Shafaat - Recommendation

Shafee - Intercessor

Shafi - Pure

Shafin - He who cures

Shafiq - Compassionate, tender

Shafiulla - Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah

Shafqat - Affection

Shah - King

Shahab - Meteor

Shahadat - Witness, Evidence

Shahan - King

Shaharyar - King

Shahbaz - Falcon

Shaheed - Witness

Shaheem - Intelligent

Shaheen - Falcon

Shaheer - Well-Known

Shahid - Witness

Shahin - Falcon

Shahnawaz - Brave

Shahrukh - Concerning, monarchy

Shahrul - Moon

Shahzad - King's son

Shahzaib - Crown of a king, like a king

Shahzor - Extreme Power

Shairyaar - Friendship

Shajee - Bold, Courageous

Shakeel - Handsome

Shakir - Thankful

Shallal - Waterfalls

Shamas - Sun

Shameel - Complete

Shameem - Fragrance

Shamel - Comprehensive

Shammyn - Sun light

Shams - Sun

Shams-Ul-Haq - Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars

Shamshad - Box-tree

Shamsheer - The sword of honours

Shamsideen - Sun of religion

Shan - Dignity, Splendour

Shaqeeq - Real brother

Sharaf - Honour

Sharafat - Nobility

Sharaheel - A narrator of Hadith

Shareef - The good

Shareek - Associate

Sharif - Honest, noble, distinguished

Sharifudin - The noble religion

Shariq - Radiant, Bright

Sharique - Sunrise

Sharjeel - Fine

Shaukat - Grandeur

Shawaiz - Speak melodious

Shayaan - Intelligent

Shayan - Praised

Shaybah - Grey-haired, aged

Shazad - Prince

Shazeb - Decorated king

Shaziya - Aromatic

Shehran - The ancient king of Persia

Shehroze - King of Roses

Shehryaar - Sovereign

Shehyar - Lucky one

Shehzaad - Prince

Sheraz - Loving, Caring, Daring

Sheryar - King

Shibli - Was a great Scholar and writer

Shifa - Cure

Shihab - Flame, blaze

Shiraz - Sweet

Shoaib - A Prophet's name

Shu'aa - Beams, Rays

Shuayb - A Prophets name

Shuja - Brave, bold, Valour

Shuneal - Traveller

Shurahbeel - A narrator of Hadith

Shurayh - A narrator of Hadith

Shuraym - Split, Cleavage

Sifet - Quality

Sikandar - Name of a famous Sovereign

Silah - Arms

Simak - Arcturus (Star)

Sinan - Spear head

Siraj - Lamp, light

Siwar - Bracelet, Arm-ring

Sofian - Sand storm

Sohaib - Reddish or Sandy (Hair)

Sohail - Gentle, ease; name of star

Souffian - Sand

Subhan - Holy

Subhi - Early morning

Suhaan - Very good

Suhayb - A companions name

Suhayl - Canopus (Star)

Suheb - Love

Sulaiman - A Prophets Name

Sulayk - Traveller, Walker

Sulayman - Name of a Prophet

Sultaan - Authority

Sultan - Power, authority

Sumayya - Martyr of Islam

Surayj - Name of an authority of Hadith

Surur - Joy, happiness

Suwaybit - Roof over path, alley between houses

Suwayd - Black

Sydeek - King

Syed - Always in control

Taanish - Good

Taban - Resplendent, Glittering

Tabassum - Smiling

Tabish - Heat, Brilliancy

Taha - Name of a Surah in the Quran

Tahawwur - Rashness

Taheem - Pure

Tahir - Pure, clean, chaste

Tahmeed - Allah’ s servant

Tahmid - Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah

Tahoor - Purity

Tahseen - Acclaim, appreciation

Taimur - Iron

Taj - Crown

Tajammal - Beautiful

Tajammul - Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp

Tajudinn - Crown of religion

Talal - Nice admirable

Talat - Countenance

Talha - A name of Tree

Talhah - Kind of tree

Tali - Rising, Ascending, Going up

Talib - Sender (of truth), student

Tameem - Perfect, complete

Tameez - Discretion, sense, manners

Tamir - Tall

Tamkeen - Dignity, Gravity

Tammam - Generous

Tanim - Wave of the Sea, Rhythm

Tanveer - Rays of light

Tanwir - Enlightening

Taqiyy - Pious, Righteous

Tarannum - Singing

Tariq - A late visitor

Tasadduq - Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice

Tasawwar - Idea, conception

Taseen - A name of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Taslim - Peaceful

Tasneen - A heavenly fountain

Taufiq - Guidance

Tauqeer - Respect

Tawbah - Repentance

Tawfeeq - Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation

Tawoos - Peacock

Tawseef - Praise

Taymur - Brave strong

Taysir - Facilitation

Tayyab - Clean

Tazeem - Honour, Respect

Tazneem - A garden in paradise

Tehseen - Compliments, happiness

Tha'labah - A narrator of hadith

Thabit - Firm, established

Thaman - Price, Worth

Thamar - Fruit, Outcome

Thaqaf - To surpass in skill

Thaqib - Piercing

Tharwat - Wealth, Fortune, riches

Thauban - Two garments

Thayer - Rebel

Thumamah - Millet (Plant)

Tihami - A title of the Prophet (S.A.W)

Tobias - Born with a Star

Toqeer - Respect

Tufayl - Baby

Tulayb - Concerning a seeker, or one who covets

Tunveer - Rays of light

Turhan - Of mercy

Ubadah - Worship

Ubayd - Worshipper

Ubaydullah - Servant of Allah

Uhban - Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s name

Ulfat - Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy

Umair - Intelligent

Umar - Name of the second Caliph

Umarah - Habitation

Umayr - Old Arabic name

Umayyah - A narrator of hadith

Umran - Prosperity

Unais - Love, Affection

Unal - Fighter, strong spirit

Unays - Smaller form of Anas

Uqbah - End of everything

Urfee - Name of popular Poet

Urooj - Ascension, Mounting Rising

Urwah - Hand-held, support

Usamah - Description of a lion

Usayd - Little lion

Usman - Name of the third Caliph

Utbah - Threshold

Uthman - Name of the third Caliph

Uwayam - A float, buoyant

Uzair - Name of a Prophet

Uzayr - Precious

Waa'il - One Who Returns For Shelter

Wadi - Calm, peaceful

Wafa - Faithfulness, fidelity

Wafi - Faithful, loyal

Wafiq - Successful

Wahb - Giving

Wahban - (related to Wahb)

Waheed - Unique, One of its kind

Wahhaj - Glowing, incandescent

Wahib - Liberal donor

Wahid - Singular, exclusive, unequalled

Wail - Returner

Wais - King

Waiz - Preacher, Sermoniser

Wajdaan - Thought, imagination

Wajeeh - Commanding Personality

Wajid - One who finds

Wajih - Noble, eminent

Wakalat - Advocacy, Agency

Wakeel - Agent, Representative

Waleed - New-born Child

Wali - Guardian

Wali-ud-din - Guardian of religion

Walid - New-born child

Waqaar - Self-respect

Waqar - Respect, dignity

Waqas - Warrior

Wasay - Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless

Waseem - Handsome

Wasif - Man of Qualities

Wasil - Inseparable friend

Wasim - Good looking

Watheq - Firm, reliable, confident

Wazir - Minister

Wildan - Boy in heaven

Wisam - Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms

Yafi - A narrator of hadith

Yaghnam - A narrator of hadith

Yahya - A Prophet's Name

Yaman - Blessed

Yameen - Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army)

Yaqeen - Belief

Yaqoot - Precious stone

Yaqub - A Prophet's Name

Yar - Friend

Yaseen - YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all words in Quran whose meaning is known to Allah only.

Yasin - Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Yasir - Wealthy

Yathrib - Former name of the city of Madinnah

Yawar - Helping

Yawer - Helper

Yuhannis - The name of a freed salve of Zubair

Yunus - A Prophet's Name

Yusr - Ease, Convenience

Yusuf - A Prophet's Name

Zackariya - Name of a prophet

Zaeem - The leader

Zafar - Victorious

Zafir - Victorious

Zafrul - Honest, Reliable and very ambitious

Zaheer - Bright and shining

Zahi - Bright, shining

Zahir - Bright, shining

Zaid - Growth, Increase

Zaigham - Lion

Zaighum - Lion, Powerful

Zaim - Leader or General, someone who is demanded

Zain - Friend, beloved

Zair - Pilgrim

Zakar - Handsome, Kind hearted

Zakariya - Name of a Prophet (A.S)

Zakariyya - The name of a Prophet

Zaki - Intelligent, pure, chaste

Zakir - Someone who believes in Allah, faith

Zaman - Time, destiny

Zameer - Conscience

Zamil - Friend, collegue

Zarar - Brave, Courageous

Zaroon - Visitor

Zarrar - A great muslim warrior

Zayan - Bright

Zayb - Adornment

Zayd - In abundance, plentiful

Zayer - Tourist, who visits holy places

Zebadiyah - Allah's gift

Zeeshan - A high standard

Zeeya - Light

Zeyad - Prince, the honest and kind.

Zia - Wise

Ziaud - Splendor, light

Zishan - Peaceful

Ziyad - Abundance

Zohaib - Leader, king

Zohair - Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W)

Zoran - - Dawn

Zubair Proper Name

Zubayr - It's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam

Zuehb - Clever Minded

Zufar - Name of Imam Abu Hanifah's disciple

Zuhaib - Star

Zuhair - The prophet

Zuhayr - Bright

Zuhoor - Appearance, Manifestation

Zulaym - A narrator of Hadith

Zulfaqar - Sword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali

Zulfiqar - Sword name of Hazart Ali

Zulqarnain - Someone with two beautiful eyes

Zunnoon - Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S)

Zuti - Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah

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