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Christian Boy Baby Names:

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Aaron -shining light

Abasalom- son of King David

Abbott -father

Abdiel- servent of god

Abe -Father of a Multitude

Abel -breath, child

Abie- father or mother of many

Abijah -The Lord is my father

Abner- the father of light

Abraham -father of a multitude

Abram- a form of Abraham

Abrasha- father

Absolom- My Father is Peace

Acacio -the Lord holds

Adam - The First Man

Addai- man of god

Addo -happy, ornament

Aden- Handsome, Adorned

Adlai -my witness

Adley- just

Adli- Just, Wise

Admon- red peony

Adon -lord

Adonai- My Lord

Ahmik -strength of gods flock

Aitan -fights of possession

Alijah -The Lord is My God

Amiel - god of my people

Amos -troubled

Andrew -heroic

Angus- Servant of the Lord

Ardon- bronze

Ari -lion

Arnon- rushing stream

Aron -To Sing

Asa -Healer

Asher- fortunate, lucky

Avidan -God Is Just

Avital- Father of Dew

Aviv- Spring, renewal

Axel- divine reward

Balthasar -one of the three wise men

Barabas- Barabba

Barnabas -Barnaby Son of Prophecy

Barth- Son of Tolmai

Bartholemew -Hill, Furrow

Baruch- blessed

Basil - grand

Bathsheba- daughter of the oath

Bede- prayer

Ben -Son of

Benedict -blessed

Benjamin- Son of Right Hand

Benjy - Son of My Right Hand

Benny- Son of My Right Hand

Benson -Ben's son, excellent son

Beryl -dazzling jewel

Boaz -Swift, Strong

Brighton -the one who is loved

Britt -the helpful one

Cain -craftsman

Cale -Form of Caleb

Caleb -Bold

Callahan - a Catholic saint

Cephas -pebbles

Chaika- life Chaim - life

Charles -Free Man

Christian- A Follower of Christ

Christopher- Holds Christ's Faith

Dagan -grain or corn

Dalit- Draw Water

Dan -From the name DANIEL

Daniel - a great Hebrew prophet

Dannon- From Daniel-judged by God

Danyl -From the name Daniel

Dave -From the name DAVID

David - Beloved

Dominic -Belonging to God

Doron -gift

Dov -bear

Eban -stone

Ebenezer -Rock of Help

Eden -delightful, adornment

Edward- Successful Leader

Efrat- Honored, Distinguished

Efrem -From the name EPHRAIM

Eisig-he who laughs

Eitan- Strong and staunc

Eleazar- God has helped

Eli - elevation

Elias- Jehovah is God

Eliot -hight

Elisha- a successor to Elijah

Eljah- Form of ELIJAH

Elliott- Elijah Jehovah is God

Ely- Form of ELI

Emanuel -god is with us

Enoch -Dedicated or Consecrated

Ephraim - Doubly Fruitful

Eron- Peace, Enlightened

Esav -coarse

Etan -Steady

Ethan -Loyal

Ethel -noble

Eyal -Strength

Ezekial- God Make Me Stronger

Ezio -friend, lover

Ezra- helper, salvation

Feivel -God Assists

Felix -Cheerful

Francis -belonging to France

Gabai- delight, adornment

Gabe- From the name GABRIEL

Ganit- Defender

Gavriel - man of God

Genesis -origin

George -

Gersham -Exiled

Gideon -woodcutter

Gilead - Biblical Place Name

Gillean -Saint John's servant

Gilon- Circle

Giuseppe- Form of JOSEPH

Gur- Baby Lion

Ham -Hot

Hannibal- Baal has favored

Herschel -Deer

Hiram - Exalted

Hosea -redemption

Hyman -Life

Ichabod- Departed Glory

Iram -Shining

Isaac - he will laugh

Isaiah- salvation of the Lord

Ishmael -God Will Hear

Israel - Wrestle with God

Itzak- laughter

Ivrit -The Hebrew Language

Izzy- He will Laugh

Jacob -held by the heel

Jadon -God Has Heard

Jake- From the name JACOB

James- An Apostle

Japheth- He Expands

Jared- one who rules

Jariath-Tributary Lord

Jarlath- a tributary lord

Jaron -to cry out, singing

Jarrett -From the name JARED

Jason -Healer

Javen- Son of Japheth

Jeb -Beloved Friend

Jebediah- Beloved Friend

Jedidiah- beloved of the Lord

Jens- God is Gracious

Jered - From JARED

Jeremiah -a prominent prophet

Jeremy- Appointed by God


Jerrod- Down to Earth

Jesse -wealthy

Jesus -God will help

Jethro- Outstanding, Excellent

Jim- From the name JAMES

Joakim -the Lord will judge

Job -The Persecuted

Joe -From the name JOSEPH

Joel -God is willing

Joey -From the name JOSEPH

John -God is Gracious

Johnathan- God's Offering

Johnny - From the name JOHN

Jon- God is Gracious

Jonah -a dove

Jonas -Dove

Jonathan- God gives

Jordan -to descend, to flow

Jorgen -farmer

Joseph- Joey, Joe- God Multiplies

Josh -God Saves

Joshua -God is My Salvation

Josiah- fire of the Lord

Jubal- Ram

Judah- Praised

Judd- praised

Jude- praise

Justin -just, TRUE

Kabos- swindler

Kaleb -From Caleb-Faithful

Kaniel - stalk, reed

Kedem -Old, Ancient

Kenan- possession Kenaz - Bright

Kobe -Supplanter

Kuper- Copper

Nachmank -compassionate one

Nadav -nobel, a generous one

Nate- Gift of God

Nehemiah -affection of Jehovah

Nimrod- Bowman

Nirel -God's field

Nisi - emblem

Noadiah -God assembles

Noah -Peaceful, Restful

Noam -Pleasant Friend

Oachim- God Will Establish

Obadiah -servant of God

Oded -Strong

Omar - first son, disciple

Ophir -honest

Oran -pale one; pine

Ornice - Cedar Tree

Osaze- favoured by God

Osborne- soldier of God

Oz -strength

Palti my- escape

Patrick -Nobleman Paul - Small

Peter -small rock

Philip - Horse Lover

Philomena- beloved

Raanan- Fresh, New

Radwan -Delight

Raphael - healed by God

Ravid -wander

Reuben- behold, a son

Reuel- friend of God

Richard - Great Strength

Rishon -first

Roni- shout for joy, my song of joy

Ruben- beholf of a son

Sachiel -angel of water

Sagiv -mighty, with strength

Saloman- peaceful

Sam -to hear

Sampson- Child of the Sun

Samuel - his name is God

Saul -asked for

Seff -a wolf

Seraphim- burning ones

Shamir- precious stone

Shlomo - Peaceful

Shulamith -peaceful

Simon- he who hears

Sivan -the ninth month

Solomon -Peaceful

Stephen -Protected

Udeh- praise

Uehudah- Ugutz name honoring John the Baptist

Uri- light

Uriah - God is ligh

Uriel- light of God

Uzi- My Strength

Vaschel- Little Ash Tree

Vered -Rose Victor - Winner

Vincent -To Occupy

William- Strenuous Guardian

Yaakov- One who supplants

Yadid -Friend, Beloved

Yadon -he will judge

Yagil -Celebrate

Yakov -the supplanter

Yan -God's grace

Yanis - God's gift

Yaphet- Handsome

Yarin -to understand

Yaron -Singing

Yehudah- Exalt

Yehudi- praise god

Yered - To come Down

Yitro- Plenty

Yonah- From the name JONAH

Yosef- Form of JOSEPH

Zabulon -to exhalt

Zaccheo -the one God remembers

Zach -Remembrance of the Lord

Zachariah- Remembered by the Lord

Zachary- Renowned by God

Zack -Remembrance of the Lord

Zakai- innocent

Zane -God's grace Zann

Zared- Ambush

Zavad -Present


Zebediah -God's Gift

Zebulon -home

Zed- God is Fair

Zedekiah- justice of the lord Zenoa

Zephan -treasured by God

Ziff- wolf

Zion- a sign

Ziv- very bright

Zubin -To Honor

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