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Home Remedies For Blocked Ears

Home Remedies for Ear Block

The winter brings many ailments such as seasonal flu, cold and cough. While this seem like a small problem, a common cold can get the situation worst out of you. Stuffy nose and blocked ears can drive one crazy.ear blockage mentions the feeling of congestion or stuffiness that is more likely to occur due to inflammation or a eustachian tubes blockage (tubes that connect middle ear to the back of the throat) of the ear. The eustachian tubes are concerned with the fluids drainage and regulation of pressure. When they are blocked, they may lead to pain or slight hearing loss. 

Causes of Ear Blockage

Ear blockage occurs as a result of congestion due to cold that lead to a blockage of the Eustachian tubes with mucus. In certain cases, ear blockages also occur as a result of bacterial infection that causes inflammation within the ear canal and thereby block the ear passages. Other common causes for ear blockage are due to change in air pressures during a flight take off and excessive wax in the ear. In very rare cases, ear blockages are also found in a person who is intolerant to lactose. 

Home Remedies for Ear Blockage

If you are sure about your ear congestion that is due to cold, you may try eating hot & spicy foods like onions, garlic, radish, pepper, and chillies to clear the ear congestion. These foods are known to soften the mucus that is blocking the ear, and thereby reduce ear congestion. Drinking warm soups, broths, and a cup of tea can help feel better instantly.

Chewing lozenges or sugar-free chewing gums can help relieve ear blockages that are experienced during a flight. 

Steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus (amrutanjan), peppermint, or lavender oil can help limit ear congestion. 

Another method of home remedy to cure an ear blockage is by simply stretching the back of your throat, this encourages the eustachian tubes to open up and relieve congestion. You can also try shutting your mouth gently while exhaling, as this helps build up a mild pressure on the eustachian tubes forcing them to open up and relieve the ear block.

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