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How To Gain Weight Naturally ?

How to gain weight

Some people are born skinny by birth and some people are underweight but are healthy all the ways. So, being skinny is not a concern for ill health. But, if you are weak and feel fatigue now and then, then you need to monitor your health for several health defects and then take necessary action for gaining weight. Many factors influence them such as genes, hereditary, poor eating habits, lack of proper sleep, activity  and psychological issues such as depression, stress etc.

Remember that weight gain must always be in a healthy manner. If you are trying to put on weight, make sure that you gain muscles and not fat.

Find below the tips to gain weight naturally.

How to gain weight?

Being hydrated is very important to our body.  Drink lots of water daily as plenty as 8 glasses or more.  

Never eat fruits on an empty stomach because most the fruits have negative calories that means if you eat them on an empty stomach, you may lose weight.

Try to eat bananas and drink milk every day, as this combination is very good in gaining weight. You can also take banana in the form of milkshake, but make sure there is not much sugar added to this drink.

Soak 2 or 3 figs and 10 raisins in a cup of milk overnight and consume them the next day.

The most popular tip on gaining weight is by eating 3 ripe mangos in three portions throughout the day along with 1 cup of milk each time. Besides, drink mango milkshakes once or twice every day.

Another good remedy for weight gain is muskmelon. Eat muskmelon 3 to 4 times a day.

Tuna fish is another effective remedy for gaining weight that is high in proteins and rich in calories.

Do not eat too much food at a time. Eat 3 small meals and 2 to 3 snacks per day. Never skip your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat low fat food that is high in nutrients and calories such as vegetables, nuts and seeds etc. Try more of salads and juices. Avoid junk foods, oily foods, cold drinks etc.

Do not sleep late at night. Get sleep for a minimum of 8 hours in a day and if possible sleep for an hour in the afternoon but not immediately after lunch.

Regular exercise is very important to gain weight as this improves appetite. Do brisk walks, jogging, swimming, outdoor sports, weight exercises to stay fit and healthy. Work out at least for 45 minutes daily.

Join in a gym, gym is not only for losing weight but also for weight gain. A professional physical instructor can help you with gaining weight in a healthy manner.  If you are new at weight training, try to take the help of a personal trainer.