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Holidays In Assam

Tourism in Assam

Assam is the gateway to the northeastern parts of India surrounded by the Brahmaputra River, has got its name from the kingdom Ahom that flourished from Era 1228-1826. This became a British province after 1838 and one of the Indian states after 1947, which became to be known as Assam. Assam is famous for Assam tea, Assam silk, petroleum resources, and rich flora and fauna. The world’s famous “one horned rhinoceros” are on the limit of extinction that roams free in the Kaziranga national park. The forests of Assam are a home to many animals and birds and Asian elephants.

Assam is surrounded with the Himalayan foothills in the north and the state of Meghalaya in its south with the Brahmaputra River storming through it.  Assam is best known for rendered tea gardens that produce world’s finest tea also boasts of many golf courses dotting the numerous tea estates.

There are in a total 5 National Parks and 11 wildlife and bird sanctuaries for the protection and preservation of wildlife in the state of Assam.

Brahmaputra and other rivers of Assam offer huge opportunities for adventures. Tourists can cater to many exciting water sports like diving, swimming, fishing, and angling. More information about adventure activities can be obtained from Assam tourism Offices, which will provide information booklet at a very reasonable price. Assam Tourism Department also provides several Assam Sightseeing tours and treks throughout the year.

Best time to visit Assam

October to April is considered the best time to visit Assam as these winter months are quite pleasant and sunny. During March to May the Orchids are all bloom and the festive season Bihu (harvest festival) is seen during this period. Assam is best avoided during rains that are June to September, as the River Brahmaputra flows heavy downpours.  

How to Reach Assam

Travel to Assam by Road: A well connected network of National Highways and other roads are there to Assam from all the prime cities in India.

Travel to Assam by Rail:  Indian Railways runs throughout the state by connecting major cities in India with Assam.

Travel to Assam by Air: The International Airport Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi of Guwahati is connected by air to almost all the metros in the country.

Places to visit in Assam

Sightseeing in Assam is mostly all about visiting various wildlife sanctuaries and temples.

Kamakhya Temple: Is the most famous and visited temple in Assam located in the heart of the city of Guwahati. The temple sits atop the Nilachal Hills by the side of Brahmaputra River. You can hire a cab to take you up to the temple if you cannot walk the steps to the temple. There are number of cabs and buses to take you there throughout the day.

Basistha: Is 11 kms away from southeast of Guwahati, two temples lie beside there where a lovely waterfall commemorates Vashishtha Muni, the writer of Indian epic Ramayana.
Navagrah Temple: Is on the Chitrachal hill, east of Guwahati, also know as the Temple of the Nine Planets (This is an ancient centre of astrology and astronomy).

Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary:  This is located 65 kms from Guwahati city. This wildlife plethora includes one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, and varieties of migratory & non-migratory birds. Available accommodation here is the forest bungalows (Contact the Forest Range Officer, Pabitora in Assam about the same). Driving here from Guwahati is the best option, as this is close by and the roads are pretty good.

Kaziranga Game Sanctuary:  This covers an area of 430 kms. This is a home to the highly vulnerable one-horned rhino. Can also find elephants, tigers, sloth bears, leopard cats, hot badgers, jungle cats, capped langurs, pigs, hoolock gibbons, jackals, pythons, porcupines, buffaloes, swamp deers, Indian bisons, and sambhars.

Sightseeing tours into the sanctuary are arranged at dawn on “houdas on elephants” that walk through the elephant-grass and will give you a vantage point of animals waking up the day. The view of the one-horned rhino taking bath in ponds with its off-springs on its back is the one that you just cannot miss.

A wide range of accommodation is available at the park ranging from luxury hotels to dormitories. The nearest airport to the park is Jorhat. Kaziranga is 239 kms from Guwahati and 96km from Jorhat. Taxis are available for rent from Jorhat and Guwahati airports.

Note: Do wear the trousers that are fully covering your legs to prevent abrasions from the elephant grass. 

The only tiger reserves in Assam that is famous for the very rare red Panda and golden Langur is Manas, one of the best maintained national parks in India. The wildlife is best seen when elephants are back at dawn. There are two lodges that are run and maintained by the tourism department for accommodation. The Assam state department also has two bungalows located there inside the forest at Mathanguri. Manas National Park is 176 kms from Guwahati and the roads are very motorable to drive down. 

Majuli:  Is one of the largest riverine island in the world. Migratory birds from all over the world will make a stopover here. Other than bird watching, you can also take visit to the Hindu religious sites known as "satras".

Majuli is also known for its handicrafts like pottery, face masks, and handloom. This island is accessible from Jorhat river port by ferry. The timings of the ferry service are 10:00 am to 04:00 pm. The ferry will also transport your four wheeler. The accommodation here is available in the form of government guesthouses, rest houses, or in the religious "satras". For more information and reservations, contact Tourist Office, Jorhat, Assam, India.