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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is a procedure to change the size and shape of the breasts

This is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery. The breasts will be enlarged and this can be done either with silicone gel prosthetics, with saline or fat grafting. This procedure is usually carried out as many women feel that their breasts are too small or if one of their breasts is larger than the other, or if the breasts have changed after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Breast implants are also considered in women who have had their breasts removed by mastectomy (may be due to breast cancer). Breast implants come in different shapes, sizes, and profiles.

Breast reduction

In this procedure skin and glandular tissue will be removed to make the breasts smaller in size. This procedure may also be considered for women who suffer from back pain or shoulder pain due to her too larger breasts. Breast reduction surgery has got higher percentage of patients who want to relieve her physical discomfort as compared to women who need breast augmentation. Breast reduction reduces the risk of breast cancer among high-risk women.

Male breast reduction or gynecomastia

This procedure is carried out in men who have abnormally large mammary glands that resemble women's. Some males may have just one breasts affected, while others have both the breasts affected.  In majority of cases, experts are not sure about it that why some men have enlarged breasts but there are some possible causes of gynecomastia, including genetic disorders, hormonal changes during puberty, tumors, drug use, liver disease, and some drugs. The larger breasts are usually due to grandular tissue or excess fat. In a breast reduction surgery, this extra fat is removed. Recovery usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Mastopexy or breast lift

As the skin loses its elasticity, gravity starts taking its value and other factors such as pregnancy and breastfeeding and weight loss change the shape and firmness of the breasts.  Some women desire a breast lift. The breast lift lifts the breasts by giving them a more youthful contour. The patients sometimes will undergo breast augmentation also at the same time.

Breast implant removal

Women who have had their breasts enlarged surgically later decide to have the implants removed. This of course requires another surgery and another few weeks of recovery time. Breast implants removal is a cheaper proposal than having them inserted.

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