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Guidelines For Patients Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Guidelines for the people undergoing cosmetic surgery

Do not ever rush into undergoing surgery. There is only one expert on your appearance and what really matters, and that person is you.

The information that you give regarding any treatment you are considering for should be impartial and includes all risks and benefits.

Do not allow anybody to persuade you to do something that you had never considered it doing before consulting him/her.

Get as much information as possible regarding the considered procedure and make sure you are fully informed about the limitations and possible risks of the procedure.

Bear in mind that no procedure or surgeon is 100% risk free and this does not exist.

It is important that you feel completely comfortable with the surgeon, clinic, or organization that is going to treat you.

Do not be satisfied with just a surgeon's word that he or she is a surgeon. Make sure that you find out yourself about the surgeon. Go to national organizations or boards and find out whether the supposed surgeon is a qualified person.

Chose the right time and moment to have surgery. There may be events in life which merit postponement of surgery, such as job changes, recent surgery, having a baby, the death of a loved one, or moving house.

Beware of any non-refundable deposits and free consultations.

Ideally, you do not have to travel far for your treatment. If you do so, make sure that you are completely happy with the arrangements, particularly if you have to travel abroad. Ask your GP for advice. This can probably be the most impartial medical advice around.

In many countries including UK, the patient’s have the right to cancel right up to the time he or she goes to sleep for surgery. One of the main purposes of cosmetic surgery is for the patient to feel better about himself or herself, when that feeling is no longer there, the surgery should be cancelled.  An esteemed surgeon will respect that and do not penalize the patient.


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