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Breastfeeding In Public Places

Are you not comfortable breastfeeding your baby in Public Places ?

Many women feel uncomfortable breastfeeding her babies in public places even when doing so discreetly. But do remember that you are feeding your dear one and are happy meeting your baby’s needs and there is nothing that is inappropriate. Feel proud being a mother feeding your baby.  

As this may not be possible to stay at home all the time, practice the below tips while breastfeeding your baby in public places:

Wear clothes that have easy access to your breasts such as front opening tops that pull up from the waist.

Use a special breastfeeding shawl around your shoulders.

Breastfeed your baby in an infant carriers or a sling that is good while traveling.

Get into a dressing room or a women’s lounge to breastfeed your baby.

It will be good if you can breastfeed your baby before she is hungry so that you will get time to make yourself comfortable and find a place to feed.

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