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How To Stop Breastfeeding

Want to Stop Breastfeeding Your Baby ?

It is very important to know how to stop breastfeeding that is by making it comfortable to both the mother and the child. It is recommended that the best time to stop breastfeeding is just after the child’s first birthday, as by then the child will be eating more of solids and decrease her interest in breastfeeding. Whatever be the reason for taking the decision of stopping breastfeeding, it brings mixed emotions to the mother and may feel both the sense of freedom and missing the close bond that she shares with her child when breastfeeding.

Once the decision is taken, it is highly recommended to stop it gradually towards a loving approach. If you stop it suddenly, you may subject yourself to extreme discomfort.

Just try the below tips on stopping breastfeeding:

Firstly, replace the breastfeeding with bottle, infant formula, cup of milk, or water offered by her mother. If the baby does not accept it from her mother, try offering her the same by baby’s father or any other family member.

The mother may experience some discomfort with engorgement (breasts filled with milk), if this becomes painful, try express the milk manually to relieve the pressure from her breasts. This process has to be repeated several times until the milk dries up completely. Your doctor may give you a safe medicine called bromocriptine.
During this process, try monitoring your baby for any physical changes that may occur such as body rashes, constipation, or heavy spit ups because of the introduction of new food. If any of these signs present, please visit the doctor.

Mother is suggested to spend more time with her baby playing and cuddling so that the baby feels more secured and closeness with her mother that she was provided during breastfeeding.  During the transition period, the mother needs more patience and understanding as both mother and baby have to adjust to the new stage of life.

Good Luck to you !

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