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Breastfeeding Tips For Working Women

What you can do during your Maternity Leave (ML)?

Planning ahead for your going back to work will help ease the burden. Talk with your employer and co employees about your plans on breast feeding and discuss starting back as a part-time employee at first or taking split shifts. This can help you continue feeding your baby as long as you want after your ML (maternity leave) is over. It will be wise to combined both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding when you are planning to go back to work. Gradually cut out the breastfeeds at the times you are away and back to work and replace those with bottle feeds or try to introduce overripe mashed bananas, mashed potato, or solid foods like kichdi, halwa etc. If your work requires you to be away for few days on and off, switch to the bottle and solids completely by the end of the third month.

Breastfeeding Tips for Working Women

Try taking as many weeks off as you can. At least eight weeks of leave will help you recover from your childbirth and settle into a good routine. Twelve weeks off is much better if possible.

Allow your baby to adjust taking breast milk from a bottle or cup few days before you return to work.
Try to practice expressing your breast milk by hand or with a manual breast pump or an electric pump. This is the very best method for removing milk during your workdays and freezes it to save for your child to be used it by a bottle, cup, or spoon after you return to work.
Check and inquire if there is any childcare center nearby your work place so that you can go and breastfeed your baby at your lunch time or else can feed your child with your pumped breast milk. When you come back to pick your baby after your work hours, first take some time to breastfeed your baby and then start travelling home. This will give both you and your baby the time to reconnect and relax when you are back home.

Good Luck !

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