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12 Foods That Are Believed To Improve Your Unborn Baby’s Skin Color

There is no better way of getting a healthy and radiant skin than having a well balanced diet that includes variety of green vegetables, fruits, and adequate fluids.
According to experts, what you eat does not determine whether you will get a fair baby or not. The complexion of the fetus which is growing inside your womb will be a mixture of the father and the mother. However, since Indians follow a lot of myths, there are a handful of foods that you can consume during pregnancy to get a fair child
Research on the best foods that a pregnant woman can take for her baby’s skin is limited. However, in general, some foods have drawn particular attention for helping to enhance the skin tone. These include:   

Cherry Fruits & Berry Fruits

Fruits from cherries family and berries family such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blackberries are the highest antioxidants containing fruits that help keeping the skin glowing and prevent damage due to free radicals


A powerful antioxidant Lycopene found in tomatoes that is responsible for the bright red color of this fruit is believed to fight against harmful UV rays and protect from sun exposure. Tomatoes are believe to improve your baby’s complexion when taken during pregnancy


Oranges that belong to citrus family have good source of vitamin C which is essential for the development of your baby and believed to improve the baby’s skin tone too!


Avocado is a full of vitamin C and E that is rich in antioxidants. Vitamin C is important for building collagen production in our body which may turn to improve your baby’s complexion and skin tone

Saffron + Milk

There are many women in India and worldwide who consume saffron with milk during their pregnancy to procedure a fair baby. Few strands of saffron added in a glass of milk consumed everyday is believed to improve your child’s complexion growing in the womb


Milk is not just for getting fair baby and is good on the other hand too to consume during pregnancy for the development of the fetus

Coconut Kernel


Try to inculcate the habit of eating coconut kernel when pregnant to improve your child’s complexion


Consume almonds in any of its form dried, soaked, or kesar badam milk to improve the complexion of your baby and overall development of the fetus that is growing in side your womb

Fennel Seeds

Soak 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in 3 ml water overnight and drink them first thing in the morning to help with your morning sickness and improve the color of your baby


Add ghee in your meals to give birth to a fair baby along with less painful delivery. It is again an Indian myth

Sea Fish


Fatty sea fishes such as salmon, tuna, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is essential to repair cell membranes and help in your baby’s skin elasticity


Consume the white part of the egg during your second trimester of pregnancy to give birth to a fair and healthy baby