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15 Tips To Minimize Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, morning sickness is caused due to hormonal changes, low blood sugars, vitamin deficiency, strong and fowl odors, fatigue, lack of activity, anxiety, stress, and constipation and is seen more commonly with first child, multiple pregnancy, and if you are carrying a girl baby. This becomes worse during the first trimester of pregnancy and for some women, this may extend bit longer or throughout her pregnancy.


Find below some of the natural home remedies to get relief from your morning sickness:


Try to have plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrates, have fresh air, mild exercise, and a lot of rest


Take 25mg of Vitamin B-6 once in every 8 hours to reduce nausea and vomiting


Increase your intake of iron, B-complex, and Zinc supplements to 25 mg per day


Take ginger root tea to stop vomiting. You can also take ginger root in the form of a capsule


Keep chewing ginger in your mouth


Take peppermint or anise tea


Take foods that are rich in proteins (snack food) before going to bed


Do mild activity or a slow walk to get relief from morning sickness


Eat crackers before getting out of bed in the morning to stay away from morning sickness


Sip apple juice throughout the night to keep your blood sugar levels under control and minimize nausea and vomiting


Keep sucking the lemon drops from lemon halves and drink lemonade


If you can, take tomato juice mixed with a few drops of lemon, but do not overdo it


Keep chewing fennel seeds  


Do not take large meals; instead eat 5 to 6 small meals frequently throughout the day for every few hours


Avoid foods that are fatty, spicy, and greasy to avoid morning sickness during pregnancy