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Boy Or Girl ? - Old Wives Tales For Gender Prediction

Although old wives tales baby gender prediction can be interesting and fun, the only accurate way of telling if you are carrying a baby boy or girl is through an ultrasound scan or waits until you deliver your baby. There are other ways of baby gender prediction too, that is through medical tests such as amniocentesis and CVS (Chorionic villus sampling) test, but these tests are performed to detect genetic abnormalities and are not performed to know the gender of baby alone.   

There is 100% no sure way of predicting a baby’s gender by these old wives tales. This is only for fun and the most important thing is that whatever be the sex of the baby, we wish for the baby to be growing healthy.

Find here some of the popular old wives tales about pregnancy and predicting the gender of a baby:

If it is a Baby Boy you are carrying:

  • You do not experience morning sickness in your early pregnancy (during your first trimester)
  • Your baby's heart rate will be less than 140 bpm
  • You carry that extra baby weight out front
  • Your belly looks more like a basketball
  • You carry your belly low
  • Your areolas become dark gradually
  • You crave (show interest) for sour and salty foods and meat and cheese.
  • Your feet become colder than they were before your pregnancy
  • The hair on your legs grow faster during your pregnancy
  • Your hands become dry
  • Your pillow faces towards north when you sleep
  • Your husband gains weight along with you
  • You look better than before pregnancy
  • Your urine color is bright yellow
  • You see your nose spreading
  • If you hang your wedding ring over your belly, it swings left to right
  • You get more headaches
  • Boys kick you more and move around much even at nights

If it is a Baby Girl you are carrying:

  • You have had morning sickness early in your pregnancy
  • You carry the weight in your hips and rear portion
  • Your left breast become larger than your right breast
  • You carry your baby high
  • Your belly looks more like a watermelon
  • You crave for sweets, fruits, and orange juice
  • You do not look as good as your normal life during pregnancy
  • You have more mood swings
  • You have more acne than usual
  • Your breasts become too large
  • Your pillow faces towards south when you sleep
  • Your urine color is dull yellow
  • If you hang your wedding ring over your belly, it moves in a circle.
  • Your face becomes fuller

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