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Benefits Of Oats - Oatmeal For Skin And Hair


Oats Benefits for Skin and Hair
Oats play a very important role in skincare and hair care, oats was largely used by Egyptians and Arabians for skin ailments beauty treatments, and hair care. Find below some of the beauty benefits of oats for skin:


Beauty tips with Oats # 1 - Acne Treatment
Bring some oats to boil and boil then till they become soft and let this cool and apply this on acne spots and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes, which will remove the excel oil from your skin and exfoliate the dead cells to help get rid of acne.

Beauty tips with Oats # 2 - Skin Moisturizer
Oats act as a natural moisturizer by eliminating the dead cells from your skin. Oats contains beta-glucan, which forms a fine layer on your skin and penetrates deep into your skin to give deep miniaturization to your skin. Add 1 cup of milk to 2 cups of oats with a tablespoon of honey to be applied on your skin to moisturize and relax your body.

Beauty tips with Oats # 3 - Treat Dry and Itchy Skin
Oats have natural anti-inflammatory properties to suit all types of skin and are clinically proven to treat dry and itching skin. Oats grounded into powder are called as oatmeal. Mix this oatmeal with water and apply on the affected area to get immediate relief from your itchy and inflamed skin.

Skin Care Tips with Oats # 4 – Improve Complexion
Oats are clinically proven to lighten the skin texture and improve skin tone many folds. That is the reason why oats are widely used in cosmetic skin care products such as soaps, exfoliating creams, body scrubs, and body lotions.

Skin Care Tips with Oats # 5 - Treatment of Skin Infections and Chicken Pox

Oats have been used for decades in treating skin diseases such as eczema, insect bites, Poison Ivy, infections etc. by relieving its itchiness and oatmeal even works well treating sunburns.

Skin Care Tips with Oats # 6 - Natural Skin Cleanser
Oatmeal contains natural cleansers that can remove oil and dirt from the pores without making any irritation, thus gives a soft and silky skin with reduced pore sizes. Soak a handful of oats in water to prepare oat milk that is to be used as a skin toner. Store this oat milk in a tight bottle or container and keep in refrigerator for later use to be applied on your face with a cotton pad to get that smooth and soft skin. Oat bran (husk) can be used as body scrub instead of soap.

Oats for Hair

Oats are good for hair also that can be applied topically to make your hair soft and healthy. Find below some of the ways in which oats are beneficial for your hair:

Hair care tips with oats # 1 - Dry and Itchy Scalp
As mentioned in the skin benefits, oats are super beneficial for not just dry skin but also the dry and itchy scalp. Oatmeal can be applied on scalp to get rid of dryness and itching.

Hair care tips with oats # 2 - Treatment of Dandruff

Oatmeal combined with other ingredients such as lemon and neem leaves can be applied on your scalp before shampooing to treat dandruff.

Hair care tips with oats # 3 - Clear scalp

Oats being a natural cleanser, clears scalp by removing excess oil,  dust, and sebum that is accumulated in the scalp.

Hair Care Tips with Oats # 4 - Hair Loss Treatment
There are various causes for hair loss, of which malnutrition is one among them. Oats contain a high amount of iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, which promotes hair growth.  A meal with a combination of oats, and Vitamin C rich foods can be taken to cure hair loss and promote hair growth.