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The Truth About Heart Beat And Gender Prediction - Pink Or Blue

People often predict the baby gender based on the fetal heart rate during pregnancy that is 140+ beats per minute would be a baby girl and heart beat under 140 beats per minute as baby boy. How true this is? Let’s check!

The Truth about Heart Beat and Gender Prediction

This heart beat method of gender prediction has become pretty popular for a pretty long time. The heart rate of a baby inside your belly fluctuates as she or he grow and move inside. The normal fetal heart rate starts out very slow and by the 8th week runs in the ranges of anywhere between 160-200 beats per minute (BPM) and as you approach your mid-pregnancy, the average heart beat ranges between 130 - 160 BPM (Beats Per Minute) and when your baby moves inside the belly, his or her heart beat may go up and down based on the severity of your baby movements, but none of these have anything to do with the gender prediction of your baby.  

A study also suggests that there is no correlation between gender and baby’s heart rate.  However, a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology says that there is a difference in the heart beat rates of male and female baby’s during the time of labour only, as the scientists have found that female baby’s had significantly faster heart beats than male baby’s that is after the onset of labour.

In the 1980s, a study was analyzed by a senior sonographer to determine whether or not this gender prediction was true based on the baby’s heart beat. After a study on above 10,000 fetal heart rates to find out the baby's gender, it was found clear that there was no link between the baby's heart beat rate and baby’s sex at any point throughout the pregnancy and in another study in the year 2006 found that in an analysis of over 500 births, it was proved again that the fetal heart rate cannot predict the gender of a baby boy or a girl. Above all, there found not much difference between male and female heart beat rate during the
first trimesters of pregnancy.

In one case, a pregnant lady carrying twins of a baby girl and baby boy who underwent several fetal hearts beat monitoring found that sometimes her baby boy's heart rate was higher and sometimes her baby girl's heart rate being higher in a single session. This is may be due to the fact that the baby's heart rate varies from time to time based on the baby’s active state and the resting state.

But it is true that up until 4 weeks of gestation, it is hard to tell the difference, as whatever the doctor hears on an ultrasound is just only a sound and not a heartbeat.

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