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Breast Cancer - Stages And Grading Of Breast Cancer

Stages of Breast Cancer

Once cancer is diagnosed, it is then divided as per the histological type or cellular type. Early detection of cancer means an early stage of cancer that usually responds to the treatment.  Late stage cancers are usually the advanced and have already spread to the vital organs and mean a short lifespan, which is non-responsiveness to treatment therapy.

A simple version of staging is explained below:

Stage 0 – Indicates Ductal carcinoma in situ (known as DCIS).
Stage 1 - Indicates tumor measuring less than 2cm and that the lymph nodes in the armpit are unaffected.
Stage 2 – Indicates tumor measuring 2cm - 5cm, or the lymph nodes in the armpit are affected, or even both the conditions.
Stage 3 – Indicates the tumor measuring 2cm - 5cm and may be attached to the breast skin or its surrounding tissues and the lymph nodes in the armpit are also affected.
Stage 4 – Indicates the tumor of any size and that the cancer has spread to other parts of the body as well.

Classification of Cancer according to the Grade
The pathologist divides the cancer according to the grades below:
Well-differentiated tumor – is a low grade tumor and resembles normal tissues.
Poorly differentiated tumor – is composed of unorganized cells and does not look like normal tissue. This is termed as high grade.
Some tumors are graded as moderately differentiated or intermediate grade.
The TNM staging system – This method provides accurate information of the diagnosis. Here T (T stands for Tumor) denotes the size of a tumor, N (N stands for lymph Node) denotes the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes, and M (M stands for Metastasis) gives an indication whether the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

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