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Breast Cancer Awareness And Care

What is Breast Cancer ?

Breast cancer has been the leading cause of death for women aged between 35 to 55, but younger women and in very rare cases men also get breast cancer. Breast cancer remains to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women killing thousands worldwide. 
Breast cancer still remains one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women and kills thousands worldwide each year.
The breasts of a woman are made up of a fat and supportive connective tissue and tissues with glands are called lobes. These lobes are called milk glands where the breastmilk is produced. These are again connected to the nipples by a network of milk ducts.

Both the breasts may be slightly different from one another in its size and shape and they tend to change throughout a woman’s life and may feel different at different times especially before periods due to hormonal changes. Feel lumpy, softer, and smaller.
An area of breast tissue extends up to the armpit is called axilla, also known as the breast tail. The armpit contains a collection of lymph nodes which are the parts of lymphatic system. There are also lymph nodes behind the collarbones and just beside the breastbone, which drain up the breast tissues and result in breast diseases and inflammation.  These lymph nodes are connected by a network of small lymphatic tubes.
Breast cancer is a cancerous (malignant) tumor that starts growing in the cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is capable of attacking surrounding tissues and spreading to distant parts of the body.

What is Cancer?
Our body is made up of billions of tiny cells and these cells normally grow and multiply in a regulated fashion and the new cells are made only when and where they are required. But when the cancer occurs, these cells growth cycle goes skyrocketing making them multiple uncontrollably. These cells become cancer cells due to the damage to DNS, this leads to formation of a lump that may be benign (non-cancerous) or aggressive (malignant or cancerous) in its growth.

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