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The Right Yoga Routine Helps In Slowing Down The Aging Process, Want To Know How?

Great skin is a mirror of great health! Do you agree with this?
A healthy skin always looks soft, smooth, and evenly toned. What is so important is that external factors symbolize that our skin is functioning well in that it protects our body sometimes from the unkind effects of the environment such as it prevents harmful bacteria and germs from penetrating into your body, and thus preserves your skin’s natural waterproof property.
Have you ever wondered why yoga instructors always have that natural glow in their faces and that their skin seems so relaxed anytime? It is because of the meditation, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), movements that increase blood circulation to your body, and deep restorative breaths, which keep the wrinkles at bay.  Practicing yoga regularly can reduce the aging signs and thus give a natural and beautiful glow to your skin.

How body detoxification works that is responsible for the great skin?
There are 3 main systems in the body that play a significant role in the elimination of wastes:
Circulatory system  – Circulatory system pumps blood throughout the body by delivering oxygen to and carry waste products away from the cells.
Digestive system  –  Digestive system processes the food we consume by separating nutrients from the waste and eliminate anything our body does not require.
Lymphatic system  –   Lymphatic system collects intracellular fluid from throughout our body and sends it to the lymph nodes where anything that is harmful such as bacteria and other contaminants gets removed before the lymphatic fluid returns to the bloodstream.
This is a robust system that works on its own, but to cope with heavy demands, thanks to human lifestyle today i.e. poor diet, increased stress levels, pollution etc. we definitely need something else to be part of our life. Almost all kind of vigorous exercise stimulate all 3 systems of elimination to some extent, but yoga’s inside out approach will gives this an extra edge to the process.

Benefits of Yoga to Your Skin

Yoga tones up your face and neck muscles.

Yoga in general improves the skin condition by reducing stress and removing waste toxins from your body.

Yoga postures increase the blood circulation in your body that helps to smooth your skin and give a glow.

Yoga practices balances your hormone levels and improves the oxygen-rich blood flowing in to your skin, which naturally help in keeping your skin resilient and thus prevent skin dryness as well as excessive sagging of your skin.

Yoga postures also aid in balancing your chakras that stimulate your hormonal systems which is responsible in slowing down the aging process.

Inversions are very good, as being in upside down position sends blood to the brain, which nourishes your face with all the vital nutrients at the cellular level.

Focus more on compressing and stretching and compressing every part of your body systematically, which is particularly good in keeping the waste removal systems of the body functioning well. This removes the waste products such as carbon dioxide, lactic acids, and lymphatic fluids from the deep tissues and body extremities that the other forms of exercise just cannot reach.

Yoga breathing also plays a significant role in the promotion of detoxification. Poor sitting posture obstructs our lungs from inflating completely and our chronic condition of low-grade stress often leads to a clenched diaphragm. That is the reason, we do not take in as much life sustaining oxygen while we inhale and expel as much of the hazardous carbon dioxide while we exhale. Yogic breathing helps in clear out the carbon dioxide from our lung tissue, stimulates the digestive organs and can retrain the diaphragm to move freely. When the diaphragm moves with natural fluidity, our abdominal organs will be massaged and our lungs are fully emptied with every breath of ours, even after yoga sitting.