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How To Get Fair Complexion Naturally ?

How to get fairer skin naturally ?

Follow a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Strictly avoid fried foods and junk foods.

Drink plenty of water and fluids.

Include at least one green leafy vegetable once a day.

Have tomato juice and carrot juice regularly.

Get Vitamin B complex capsules and livogen capsules minimum for a month; they are harmless and proven effective in many cases.

Take lemon water mixed with little honey first thing in the morning. Honey has Vitamin B-Complex that is good for maintaining your skin colour.  

Soak fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and eat the seeds and drink this water in the morning. Do it regularly, this enhances your body complexion.

Use a sun screen lotion or cream above SPF15 that is 15 minutes before going out in a sun and avoid over exposure to the skin by wearing scarves, tops with long sleeves, eyewear, caps etc.

Make sure that you sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

Go for either morning or evening brisk walk. If possible, opt for yoga or meditation, which contribute a lot in improving your health and complexion.

Avoid makeup or minimize it.

Never use the cosmetics that contain coloring agents.

Do not use cosmetic fairness creams, instead go for natural homemade methods. Most of the fairness creams in the market today contain Hydroquinone, which is considered to be most effective in reducing pigmentation and can also cause the skin to lose its elasticity.

Do not use strong soaps on your face; instead use gram flour as scrub.

Keep your face and body moisturized.

Go for a parlor facial done once in a month if you cannot do it at home.

Go for regular body massage to get an even toned fair skin.

Cleanse your skin before going to the bed and apply a night cream to rejuvenate your skin in your sleep.

Wash your hair once in every 3 days and tie your hair back to avoid contact with your forehead and sides of your face.

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