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Evening Makeup Tips

Evening Makeup

Our makeup changes according to the occasion and time. For different occasions, we need to do get different types of makeup such as formal or informal, light or heavy, simple or special etc. 

The overall effect and impression of the makeup will be changed in the shades of light. So the makeup needs to be adjusted accordingly. That is the reason; there is difference in day time make up and the evening make up. Daytime makeup should always be light and simple to be suitable for sunlight and in the evening makeup can use bright colors.

Evening Makeup Tips

Different light shades have different effects on your makeup; hence can make a big difference in the look you desire for.

For big parties in Hotels 

Usually the big corporate houses arrange bright fluorescent lighting for the evening parties that are blue in color which accentuate all the colors of your makeup. This fluorescent light leaves an impact that the blue shades look more of reddish and the brown shades appear yellowish.

For general parties at home

People usually prefer incandescent lighting, which is yellow or red and gives a softer effect on any colors of the makeup. For such parties, you can use bright colors to add more contrast to your face.

While going for the evening parties, it is advised to avoid using sheerer, natural colors, and combinations.

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