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Daily Makeup Tips And Care

The main purpose of daily makeup is to maintain your appearance which may include the below simple makeup tips to help you proceed with your daily life.

Women Daily Makeup Tips

Remember to use only the quality and branded products when you use them on a daily basis to prevent damaging your skin. Therefore it is recommended to choose the cosmetics that best suit your skin type.

Never use the cosmetics that are expired, as they are extremely harmful and cause harsh damage to your skin.

Clean your make up brushes and sponges regularly with hot water and a detergent.

Generally, the powder cosmetics are said to be less skin irritants as compared to the liquid cosmetics while using on a regular basis. If you cannot avoid using the liquid foundation, then can choose a liquid with silicone base, as this does not cause acne.

Do not forget to remove the make up with a make up remover before going to sleep.

Use only wax based pencil eyeliner and eyebrow pencils to use them on a regular basis, as they can be cleaned easily with water.

If you makeup daily, better to use light earth tones as they give a much natural look besides less harmful to cause skin irritation as compared to darker tones.

Try to use a the sunscreen lotion or cream with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or higher with ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as they are very effective in protecting from harmful UVA rays.

For daily use of cosmetics, products with fewer ingredients are said to be much safer. So prefer the cosmetics that contain no more than ten ingredients in it.

For your feet, rub them with lotions such as petroleum jelly or olive oil.  One can even try wearing socks all the time to maintain beautiful and healthy feet. Similarly one can wear hand gloves to maintain beautiful hands.

Find below the normal life span of some of the cosmetics:

A foundation: Lasts for about one year

Talcum Powder: Lasts for about two years

Mascaras: Lasts for about 4-5 months

Lipstick: Lasts for about 1 year

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