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Eye Disorders - Genetic

Genetic conditions of an eye

Retinitis Pigmentosa: Retinitis pigmentosa is a result of inherited conditions, which cause abnormalities in the retina that may result in blindness.

Usher syndrome: This transmitted syndrome causes a combination of blindness and deafness. 

Uveitis: In this condition, the middle layer of the uvea or eye becomes swollen and results in blurring of vision and eye pain.

Cone-rod dystrophy: Cone-rod systrophy is a very rare condition and an inherited disorder, a slow deterioration of rods and cones of the retina are found. This condition finally results in blindness.

Scleritis: Scleritis is a condition found when there is a sclera or an inflammation at the outer layer of the eye. This is quite painful and may result in vision loss.

Color blindness: Color blindness is a condition that is inherited in which the person cannot distinguish certain colors or in general cannot distinguish any color. Usually, men are affected more by this condition of color blindness.

Photophobia: People with photophobia cannot tolerate bright light as their eyes are affected.

Blindness: Blindness is termed when an individual cannot see anything.

Myasthenia Gravis: People with myasthenia gravis will have weak muscles because of a neuromuscular disorder. The people with this problem show droopy eyelids and double vision.

Hazy vision: In this condition, an individual have difficulty observing anything clearly.

Opthalmoplegia: This is a condition results in paralysis or weakness of eye muscles results in weakened eye movements.

Optic neuritis: The Inflammation of the optic nerve leads to vision loss in the affected eye. Vision is usually restored when the inflammation reduces.

Adie’s Pupil: This is a condition associated with neurological factor where one eye is appears larger than the other.

Sarcoidosis: The presence of immune cells clusters in the eye results in sarcoidosis. This condition is characterized by Itchy eyes, dryness, and loss of vision.

Floaters or Floating specks: Strings or floating specks are observed in eyes and is sometimes misidentified as detachment of the retina. This condition is usually found in people as they age. 

Visual disturbance: Some disorders tend to make imbalance in vision, leading to visual disturbances.

Coloboma: This is a condition that is observed at birth, where in certain structures of the eye are missing such as optic nerve, iris, or retina of the eye.