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Eye Disorders - Allergic

Allergic disorders of an Eye

Allergic inflammation of the eyelid is called blepharitis.

Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is a condition of swelling in the eye or inflammation of the conjunctiva leading to redness of the eye.

Allergic Conjunctivitis: Exposure to pollen or dust and other allergens cause eyes becoming itchy, red, and watery.

Dry eye syndrome: Dryness of the eyes occur due to deficiency in tears that can be due to environmental factors, medications, or dry eye syndrome.

Eye Redness: This condition is associated with swelling of blood vessels within the eye due to allergies, dry air, dust, and other factors.

Foreign object: An unknown object or particle that enters into the eyes may result in redness, pain, watery eyes until the object is removed from the eye.

Eyelid sty: A bump on the eye lid or an inflammation is caused due to a bacterial infection. Recurrent events of this appearance of sty last for long and warrant investigation.

Corneal abrasion: Scratches in the cornea happen due to contact with foreign particles or infected contact lenses. This may take long time to resolve. This has been a very painful condition.  This may result in vision loss if not treated on time.