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Sexual Problems In Men And Women

Sexual Problems

Sex, it should be a mutually satisfying feel for both the partners. Though it is a "basic instinct", this is not all the time as easy to do it as they are shown or say in movies and books. Some modest hiccups can get magnified if not addressed in time. It can be difficult for a person to talk about an unsatisfactory sex, but it is better to be frank than feel later about it and seek help from a family doctor, gynecologist, counselor, or other medical person in time.

Every mature adult has the ability to respond sexually, unless there are some physical diseases or medication that is interfering with sexual life. It is important to know that you are not alone and many men and women who are sexually active may be having problems. Opening up the subject with your medical person will be the first step to solve this problem.

Sexual problems in men
  • Lack of sexual excitement/arousal can be due to stress, improper surroundings, medical problems, or drugs. The failure to achieve erection needs to be evaluated.
  • Premature ejaculation and an inability to hold erection till his partner satisfies is also a problem interfering with mutually satisfying sex.
  • Secondary anxiety may result from prior unsatisfactory experiences with sex that leads to further problems due to tension.
Sexual problems in women
  • Low libido or low sexual appetite can occur in either partner and is affected by the couple's circumstances, age and emotional factors (anger, depression, tiredness). It is related to the frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • Dysparunia - Pain during sex is often a complaint at the first few attempts of intercourse. Lack of sufficient lubrication can be a factor. If it persists, causes like pelvic infection can be ruled out.
  • Lack of arousal is usually due to lack of lubrication and dryness in the vagina. Both the partners need to participate more in foreplay before the intercourse to get out of this problem.
  • Anorgasmia or frigidity – Women have the capacity to be multi-orgasmic during intercourse. The female partner may not achieve orgasm during sex due to several reasons. Foreplay and change of sex positions may help.
  • "Fluor seminis" – Many women complain of discharge of semen out from her vagina after sex, however, little discharge is inevitable as the semen liquefies.
  • Vaginismus – Vaginismus is a rare but a problematic condition where the perineal and vaginal muscles get spasm during intercourse.
  • Problems with hymen – Women experience some bleeding after first intercourse normally; however a tough hymen can be an obstacle to the fruitful intercourse.
Sexual activity getting started

Male and female reproductive system

Note: This section attempts to deal with basic information and difficulties in sex. If you feel you have sexual problems, it is better to consult your doctor for professional help.