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Sexual Activity Getting Started

What is sex?

Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Sex are the four basic instincts in any human being. Sexuality is an integral part of life. Sexuality in a larger sense allows various ways in which a person expresses her/his femaleness or maleness. Even a child learns of sexuality from his or her adults and peers and is widely influenced by the cultural, religious, and environmental factors.

Sexual intimacy is just a one way of sexual expression whether for pleasure or procreation, is a source of personal satisfaction and enrichment. When you are having sex, the possibility of becoming pregnancy exists and a basic knowledge of reproductive organs can be helpful.


For an inexperienced couple, when starting a new sexual relationship, there may be some starting trouble. An important step here is recognizing any negative emotions and tensions and dealing with it. Many couples may not be able to manage it the very first time and by the time you figure out what is happening, the erection or arousal may be lost. The girl may be nervous about pain or bleeding at the first time of intercourse due to the things she heard from her friends or family. This makes a girl more inhibited and develops an anxiety. Slight bleeding from girls hymen usually stops within a day and using lubricating creams or jells may help make things easier. Taking steps forward gradually towards an intimate relationship will make sexual life easier.

Orgasm: a Fact or a Fantasy?

Achieving a level of pleasure that satisfies both the partners is the aim in fulfillment of the sexual drive. Men are at an advantage, as orgasm occurs simultaneously with the ejaculation (semen discharge from the penis). In women, there is no such well-defined end point. Movies or Novels try to convey that orgasm to be an experience akin to “bell ringing”, the world is spinning around a sensation of extreme pleasure or bliss. However, this is something difficult to express in words.

Women may experience an orgasm but may not realize it. Conversely, some women may not have achieved it, but neither she nor her partner has done anything about it. Listen to your partner and follow your instincts and be calm and relaxed.

There are other important steps on the way to fulfillment such as clitoral stimulation, adding more or different types of foreplay may help. Ultimately, it is the couple has to find their own way of equal and balanced fulfilling sexual relationship.

Sexual problems in men and women

Male and female reproductive system