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How To Deal With Stress During Pregnancy ?

How to deal with stress during pregnancy?

Causes of stress during pregnancy

It is quite natural to feel stresses at some point or the other during pregnancy. Apart from the responsibility of bringing your child into this world, there will be many things that keep lurking in your mind. You may be tensed about pregnancy scans, tests and its results or your baby’s health, labor pains, or the financial matters pertaining to costs involved with your new baby, or your relationship with your husband after your baby is born. 

You can help yourself by following the below steps to deal with stress during pregnancy:

Make time yourself to rest – At job, during lunch break find somewhere to put your feet up and relax and try to cut down your household chores once you are home. When you feel exhausted, go to bed early. 

If you are already a mom, take the help of your partner, parents, grandparents, or friends to look after your child for few hours so that you can relax. Family members and friends can provide good support.

Eat well – Eating well is good both for your body as well as your mind. A healthy diet that includes omega-3 acids, vitamins, and minerals can lift your mood. 

Do some exercises – Exercises can improve your mood and it is quite safe to exercise during pregnancy as long as you do not overdo it. Pregnancy yoga and meditation techniques help you to slow down your anxiety levels. Try to get up and walk around regularly if yours is a desk bound job and get some fresh air.

Prepare for birth – You may be concerned about what labor will be like and how you handle the pain. Learn more about what happens during labor by attending antenatal classes or have look at our labor and delivery section.

If you are planning for a cesarean section, talk to your doctor about what is going to happen on that day and draw a plan for cesarean birth in advance that can help you feel confident and ease your tension.

If you know the hospital you are planning your delivery, you can visit the delivery suite beforehand so that is makes your mind at rest knowing the place where you will have your baby. 

Relation with your husband – It is quite natural for any woman worrying about how your relationship with your husband is once you have your baby. Parenting is something you learn every day along the way. You may try to spend some time with your friends who have young babies to pick up any useful tips on parenting. 

Travelling stress – Most women work until just a few weeks before their delivery due date. Commuting can be very stressful especially during the last days of pregnancy and it gets worse.

You may ask your employer if you can finish your hours earlier than usual days or avoid any rush hours. While commuting in a public transport, if you are not offered a seat, you can always ask for the seat to be offered and do not feel embarrassed doing so as most people are more than willing to give up their seats, the only thing is they just need reminding.

Laugh and laugh – Laughter is one of the best ways of relaxing your body and mind. So try to meet your friends often, go to a movie, watch a funny and comic DVD with your husband, or go on a weekend trip if your budget permits. 

Online support – You can create your own support network online and share your concerns with mums-to-be.

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