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Relaxation Techniques During Pregnancy

How to relax during pregnancy

Relaxation techniques will help a woman during pregnancy, labor, as well as after delivery. At the time of labor relaxation techniques will help you work with your body rather than fighting with the labor contractions.

There are 2 ways to relax during pregnancy. One way is focus on calming your mind and emotions that are inside out and the other one is outside in. most people use the combination of these two.

Try some of the below suggestions.

Inside out relaxation techniques:

You can relax by using any of these such as imagery, chanting, prayers, or meditation. You can even add soft music to it or a picture that you like or a pleasant aromatic scent by focusing on keeping your breathe slow and steady.

Imagery techniques for relaxation

If you have selected imagery techniques as your best technique to relax, follow the below:
  • Sit somewhere comfortably closing your eyes in a chair or a recliner.
  • Try to imagine and visualize your favorite place by paying attention to the colors, textures and sounds.
  • Hand around in that place for a few minutes or so and enjoy your sense of peace and comfort.
  • When next time you use this technique, add music or whatever that would help    you getting back to this special place.
Breathing techniques for relaxation

If you have selected breathing as your best technique to relax, follow the below breathing techniques for relaxation:
  • Be comfortable either sitting or lying on your side by paying attention to your breathing.
  • Focus on your breathing keeping it slow and steady and enjoy the feeling of peace that you get from this kind of breathing.
Outside in Relaxation Techniques

If you are interested in a more active way of relaxing, you can opt a muscle-based approach or can combine with another relaxation technique such as breathe slowly for a minute and then focus on relaxing the muscles.

Tense and release technique

  • Find a comfortable position to either sit or semi-recline in a lounge-chair.
  • Use as many pillows as you want to support your joints and have your arms and legs comfortably flexed.
  • Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  • Try focusing on the muscles in your forehead and make them contract as you do when frowning and release them.
  • Squeeze your eyes to shut tightly and release those muscles.
  • Clench your jaw and release.
  • Draw your shoulders up towards your ears and release.
  • Do fists and straighten your elbows and release.
  • Take in a deep breath so that your chest expands and release it.
  • Tighten your abdomen muscles and release.
  • Squeeze your buttocks together and release.
  • Lock your knees and tighten your thighs and release.
  • Curl your toes and release.
  • Try tightening all of your muscles at a time and release.
  • Try to remain in this relaxed state for a few minutes or more.
  • Now notice how your body feels after this.
Once you are ready to get up, rise slowly to prevent any lightheadedness.

Assess and Release Technique
  • Use pillows to get into a comfortable position and take in a comfortable breath and release as many muscles as you can when you let the breath out.
  • Continue breathing slowly and comfortably. Starting from your head, assess each muscle group and try to relax tense muscles while you exhale.
If the muscle group does not relax you, try using the tense and release method.

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