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What Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy ?

What exercises are safe during pregnancy?

Almost all the exercises are safe during pregnancy as long as you do not overdo it. Activities like brisk walking, swimming, low-impact aerobics, and indoor bicycling is considered to be safe and hardly carry any risk and these can be continued until delivery

Try the following exercise that are safe in pregnancy and you need to lessen the activity as you come close to your delivery.  Talk to your health care provider before starting any new exercise that is completely new to you.

Walking during pregnancy

walking during pegnancy and brisk walking keeps you fit and gives your heart a great workout. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day and five times a week.

Running during pregnancy

Running during pregnancy is one of the most efficient and quickest ways to work your body and heart, but do not start it if this is new to you and this may not be the best time to start and instead you can practice gentle exercises or walking or swimming.

Swimming during pregnancy

Swimming during pregnancy is one of the safest forms of exercise. It involves exercising your arms, legs, heart and lungs. The bigger your bump grows the more you enjoy feeling absolutely weightless in the waters. 

Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy helps maintaining muscle tone and improves posture. Stretching keeps you supple but do not over do it. It is best to go to a pregnancy yoga classes rather than buying a DVD and doing at home. Make sure that your yoga teacher is experienced enough in providing classes for pregnant women.

Aerobics during pregnancy

Going to a weekly aerobics classes is safe as long as you do low impact exercises to protect your joints.

Dance during pregnancy

one can carry on with their dance class regime if they are doing it regularly before they were pregnant.  You can dance in the comfort of your home to your favorite tunes. Make sure you do not twist, jump and move suddenly to change your dancing positions as this may lose your body balance.

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