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Exercises During Pregnancy And After Delivery

Exercise during Pregnancy

There are many good reasons maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy. Exercise improves your muscle strength and helps you stay fit and healthy and makes easier to adapt to the new changes that your pregnancy brings in you. Exercise during pregnancy makes you build more stamina to aid in labor and relieves stress.

Research shows that exercise during pregnancy may prevent gestational diabetes (which develops during pregnancy in some women) and discomforts like backaches.  

If you have never exercised before, better you start off with in consultation with your doctor and try something safe like walking and low impact aerobics in moderation. Make sure that your heart beat does not exceed 140 bps. A woman who has been exercising before pregnancy can continue with your activity but in moderation and low impact exercises.

Always begin your exercise routine by warming up for 5 minutes and stretches for 5 minutes and 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises. Assess your heart rate at peak times of activity. Your heart rate may range anywhere from 140-160 bpm during activity. Try exercising for at least 3 times a week or more to get the full benefits.

Try to follow the basic exercise guidelines below:
  • Always exercise on a flat and leveled surface to prevent injury.
  • Always wear loose fitting clothes that are comfortable with good supported bra.
  • Wear shoes that are perfectly designed for the type of exercise you do. Wearing proper shoes protects you against injury.
  • Finish your eating at least two hours before you exercise.
  • Consume more calories to meet your pregnancy needs and exercise program (about 300 extra calories per day).
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise.
  • Slow down your exercise if you cannot talk as normally you do and never exercise to the point of exhaustion.
  • After your floor exercises, get up slowly to prevent any dizziness.
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