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General Examination By A Gynecologist In Confirming Your Pregnancy

Signs that a Gynecologist sees in confirming your pregnancy

General Examination:
  • Your pulse rate goes up by 10 to 15 beats per minute.
  • Your breast changes with darker pigmentation of the areola (area around your nipples) and congestion of breasts and dilated veins are seen over the breasts.
  • Increased vaginal discharge is very common in pregnancy.
  • Your skin pigmentation increases, may have a darker colored rashes on the face (called chloasma).applying a sun screen lotion may reduce the pigmentation.
  • Your will notice dark bluish discoloration of your vagina and cervix due to congestion.
  • Your cervix and uterus feels soft.
  • Your uterus slowly starts increasing in its size as your pregnancy progresses. But it is difficult even for an experienced Gynecologist to confirm pregnancy mere by uterine size before 6 weeks from your last period. It is only after 3 months the uterus can be felt on an abdominal examination.
  • Your blood pressure tends to go low.
Tests advised by your Doctor   

Your doctor may suggest you of certain tests need to be done in your early pregnancy.
  • Serum beta – hCG to confirm the pregnancy if home pregnancy urine test is not conclusive or helpful to proceed the further treatment in case of complications such as spotting, presence of bleeding in early pregnancy.
  • Sonography –  This test is useful for several gynecological conditions especially in pregnancy.

Sonography in Confirming Pregnancy

Abdominal sonography – Here scanning is done with a full bladder to see the uterus. Depending on the machine and operator’s experience, you will find a small gestational sac in which the fetus is suspended or enclosed by 6 weeks and you can see foetal echoes within the gestational sac by 8 weeks.

Transvaginal sonography – Here the resolution is better compared to abdominal sonography and pregnancy can be picked up earlier as early as 4 ½ weeks.

This may be necessary even if your periods are regular and are not sure of your dates, your doctor feels important, have any bleeding after the confirmation of pregnancy, doubtful about the pregnancy progressing well or not, or suspicious of ectopic pregnancy.

This is not necessary; if your periods are regular, having no gynecological issues, and that you remember your last menstrual period (LMP) date well.