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What Are The Types Of Pregnancy Tests ?

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are three types of pregnancy tests:

Urine test

A urine test can be done either at your home or at the doctor’s clinic. Home pregnancy urine test convenient and is about 96 percent accurate. Some very sensitive home pregnancy test kits detect pregnancy on the first day of a woman’s missed period. It is advised to take the test one week after a missed period to get the most accurate results. 

Do the test first thing in the morning, at which time your urine is very concentrated. It is important to follow instructions on the Home pregnancy test kit. The kit will have test strip and dipstick enclosed. The test strip needs to be held in the urine stream and a dipstick needs to be dipped into a urine sample. If you are pregnant, area on the end of the test strip changes its color.

Some kits will have a test device with round wells. You will need to collect urine sample in a cup and place few drops of urine sample with a dropper into the well. Color changes in the other wells indicate that you are pregnant. If you are not pregnant, you will get a negative result

Some of the home pregnancy test kits that are available in India are Velocit from Dr Reddy’s laboratories, Prega News from  Mankind, I -Can (Pregnancy kit) from Piramal Healthcare Ltd., and Instant Pregnancy Test from Homecheck, that costs between Rs 40 to Rs 100.

Blood test

A blood test also detects hCG. Blood tests are more sensitive than urine tests and detect pregnancy about 6 to 8 days after ovulation. but you may not be advised a blood test to test your pregnancy until after you miss your period


Ultrasonography is used to visualize the fetus in your womb at around 4 ½ weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP). This can tell you exactly how many weeks you are into your pregnancy and how healthy your baby is inside your womb. You may be able to see your baby’s heartbeat by 7 weeks after LMP.

If you have got a negative result when you test it for the first time, this may be due to the amount of hCG that is not yet reached to a level where it can be detected. Sometimes the HCG levels may not be high enough to detect early. If your period is late and the result shows negative, wait for a few more days and then test again.

Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. The most sensitive tests can show positive even if there is only a small amount of hCG in your system.