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Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy time is undoubtedly a very important phase in any woman’s life. That is the reason early signs of pregnancy symptoms have that significance. The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy will tell you the probabilities of pregnancy and make you well prepared for it.

Find below some of the most noticeable early pregnancy symptoms:

Delayed periods

If your periods are delayed for more than ten days beyond the due date with your previous periods being regular and you have been active sexually, there is pretty good chance that you are conceived.

Morning sickness – Nausea, vomiting, feeling sick in the morning.

Breast changes – You will have the feeling of fullness in your breasts with prickling sensations and heaviness in the breasts. Your breasts may feel painful to touch.

Frequent urination – You will have an urge to urinate more often.

Tiredness or fatigue – You will feel unusually very tired and lethargic.

Food fads - Woman eating pickles or other sour foods have been used to suggest pregnancy in Indian cinemas. There is some basis to this belief, as most of the women develop strong likes or dislikes for various foods in pregnancy. Rarely, there could also be craving for strange things such as eating mud.

There will be an increased vaginal discharge.

You may have the constipation symptoms.

You will have frequent mood changes.