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Are You And/or Your Partner Having Fertility Problems?

Are you and/or your partner having fertility problems?

There are many treatment options and new practices available these days. If you and your partner have been trying for a year without success, the next thing to do immediately is seeing a doctor who will discuss about what you have tried and will discuss about the best options and treatments. 

About 80% of the couple who have sex regularly 2-3 times or more weekly without being on contraception are getting pregnant within a year. Of the other 20% of the couple, some get pregnant within two years of trying and some need medical help to conceive.

Couples who are younger than age 30 and generally healthy are 20% to 37% successful conceiving in the first 3 months.  In a woman who is above the age 30, chances of pregnancy decrease rapidly every passing year.

Today there are many fertility treatment options available to have a biological (their own) child. The treatment options depend on the cause of infertility that may be due to infertility in men or women and it also differs from case to case. A treatment plan can be made depending upon the exact cause of infertility from male side, female side or both.

About 85% to 90% of couples with infertility just need simple techniques like medication or surgery and the rest of them require to be treated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IVF.

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