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What Are The Different Kinds Of Miscarriage ?


There are 5 types of miscarriage:

Threatened miscarriage

A woman will bleed with or without mild cramps but your cervix remains closed. Half of threatened miscarriages end in pregnancy loss and in another half, the bleeding stops and the pregnancy proceeds normally.

Unavoidable miscarriage

A woman will have increased bleeding and her cervix begins to open. In this condition, there is no chance that the pregnancy can continue.

Incomplete abortion

In this case, some pregnancy product comes out of her uterus but some remains inside, which needs treatment to remove the remaining product.

Complete Miscarriage

In this case, the entire pregnancy product comes out of her uterus. Usually this requires no treatment.

Missed Abortion

The pregnancy has ended but the product remains in her uterus, this is known as missed abortion. Usually the product comes out of her uterus on its own, but sometimes the treatment is needed.

When a treatment is required to complete a miscarriage, the treatment can be through medication or an aspiration procedure. During aspiration procedure, a doctor inserts a thin plastic tube in her uterus to remove the pregnancy product with gentle suction.

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