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What Is Miscarriage And Signs Of A Miscarriage ?

What is Miscarriage ?

Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks. The fetus cannot survive on its own outside the uterus that in early pregnancy. The medical terminology for miscarriage is called spontaneous abortion. Many women who experience miscarriage are unaware that it is pretty common and in every 10 pregnancies, 1 to 2 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Miscarriage mostly happens in early pregnancy and in fact, 8 out of every 10 miscarriages happen during the first three months of pregnancy and that before they realize they are pregnant.

Each miscarriage is different. For some women, they are very painful and for some it is not. But it is common to have heavy bleeding with or without clots and strong period-like cramps.

What are the signs of miscarriage

The possible signs of miscarriage may include:

  • Vaginal spotting or bleeding.
  • Severe abdominal pain with cramping
  • Change in vaginal discharge
  • Dull to severe lower-back ache, pain, or pressure.
These signs are caused by a condition that is little serious than miscarriage. But you should see your doctor to check you to be safe.

Risk factors for a miscarriage

  • Women with age over 35
  • With a history of previous miscarriage(s)
  • Women having irregular periods due to hormonal problems.
  • Heavy smoking and drinking
  • Uncontrollable diabetes.

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