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Breast Cleaning And The Ways To Minimize Sore Nipples

Breast cleaning breasts after breastfeeding

Use coconut oil to clean your breasts that is after a feed. Apply a thin layer of oil on the nipple and areola (that is dark area around the nipple) with a piece of cotton. Before the next feed, wipe the nipple and areola with cotton that is soaked in boiled water, which not only removes the oil, but any perspiration, stale milk, and threads from the worn garment.

Tips on Breastfeeding pain and Sore nipples and the ways to minimize it:

Try changing your breastfeeding positions each time you breast feed, so that the pressure transfers from one area to another.

After feeding is over, express a few drops of milk out and try to rub gently on your nipples with your hand palms. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.

Washing your nipples often with soap can also cause your nipples dry and sore. Wash with clean water and pat dry, this is just enough. Always keep the nipples clean.

During breastfeeding, try keeping a tip of your finger in the corner of your baby’s mouth between the gums to avoid biting your nipples.

Baby sucking too long can also make soreness in breasts. It takes more or less 15 minutes for the baby to empty a breast and after which the baby sucks only for comfort. So restrict your baby for comfort sucking.

Try wearing loose garments without bra or you can wear a tea strainer without a handle inside your bra to allow it healing.

Can take beer or wine just before the feed to minimize the pain.

Using cold compress on your nipples may minimize the soreness.

If the soreness in your nipples severe, you can call your doctor about using any harmless pain relievers.

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