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Early Milk Vs Mature Milk

What is Early Milk or Colostrum Milk?

Early breast milk is called Colostrum which is also known as foremilk or liquid gold is think yellow creamy milk that is made during pregnancy and soon after the delivery. This early milk is very rich in nutrients and proteins and has antibodies that protect your baby from infections but it has less carbohydrates and fat when compared to mature milk.

The proteins in this milk gives the baby a full feeling and baby remains satisfied longer and sleeps more in the first days of life thus mother gets time to rest and sleep.  Antibodies in this milk protect the baby from many bacterial and viral infections that the mother may have. It is very crucial for the baby to get these antibodies from mother’s Colostrum milk until the baby manufactures its own antibodies (this is what called an immunity gap) 

This milk also has higher cholesterol content, which is very important at this stage for nervous system and its growth. Colostrum milk contains minerals like zinc and calcium and Vitamins such as A, B, and E. colostrums milk also has the stimulating affect which helps the baby passing her first stool that is black and sticky. 

What is Mature Milk?

Colostrums gradually changes into mature milk by 3rd to 5th day after delivery. This does not change suddenly and depends on the feeds. The more a baby feeds, the sooner milk will be produced in large quantity. Mature milk looks white or bluish white in color and is thinner.

The proteins present in the mature milk falls gradually after 6 months, during which time the baby grows faster when the protein content is high.

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