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What Is Plugged Duct Or Blocked Ducts?

What is Plugged duct or Blocked ducts?

It is common for many breastfeeding mothers to have blocked ducts at some point. A plugged milk duct appears in the form of a tendered and red looking sore lump in the breast or areola and can sometimes be accompanied by hot and shivery feeling, but no fever or other symptoms.

It happens when a milk duct is not properly drained, pressure on breasts that may be due to wearing a tight bra or holding your baby tightly against the breasts, or when becomes inflamed. A plugged duct usually occurs only in one breast at a time.

Try the below tips to get relief from blocked ducts:

Massage the area gently towards the nipple using your fingers in a circular motion.

Offer breastfeeding often on the affected side of breast every two hours to help loosen the plug and helps making the milk move freely

Use a hot compress on the sore area applied hourly and a hot water bottle may relieve the pain.

Try giving your baby extra feeds and express the milk before and after a feed.

Wear a well-fitted supportive bra that is not too tight and make sure the plugged duct does not lead to mastitis (breast infection).

A plugged duct is an indication that a mother is doing too much. Try to relax and get more sleep.

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