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Breast Engorgement Or Hard And Painful Breasts

Breast Engorgement or hard and painful breasts

This is quite normal for your breasts to become larger than ever, hard, sensitive, heavier, and a little tender in a few days after delivery. Breast engorgement is caused due to the excessive blood supply in the breasts and milk production. 

You will also feel swelling, redness, or breast tenderness when your breasts become very hard and painful. Breast engorgement also causes a low-grade fever. This usually happens in the first week of delivery but can happen at any time.

Tips to deal with engorged breasts

Breastfeed quite often after delivery and allow the baby to feed as long as she wants.  You should also wake up your baby to feed if hours have passed since your last feed.

Take help from your mother or a lactation consultant to improve the baby’s latch.

Try breastfeeding often on the affected side breasts to prevent the breast becoming overly full.

Try keeping your baby exclusively on breastfeeding (no bottles or other supplement feedings)

Before you start breastfeeding your baby, hand express or pump a little milk to soften your breasts, nipple, and areola.

Try massaging your breasts.

Use cold compresses to help minimizing the pain.

Take enough fluids, nutritional food, rest and sleep.

Wear a well-fitted supportive bra that is not too tight.

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