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Tips On Milk Overflow

Milk overflow

Milk overflow is also known as let down reflex. This over flow happens when the baby is feeding on one breast. This condition causes stress for both mother and baby. This can interfere with the release of the milk when mother is stressed or worried. It is extremely important for the mother to be relaxed when feeding her baby.

A breastfeeding woman can take beer or wine to relax (beer and wine both have very low alcohol content) and in fact beer is known to aid in lactation.

Find the below tips to overcome let down reflex:

Breastfeed only on one side every time you feed and continue to offer the same side at least for two hours until the next full feeding by gradually increasing the duration of time per feeding.

Feed your baby before she becomes hungry to prevent any aggressive sucking.

You can use cold compresses to reduce the swelling and discomfort.

If your other breast feels full before you are ready to breastfeed on it, start hand express for sometime to relieve some of the pressure on breast.
Burp your baby frequently if she feels gassiness.

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