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Freezing And Storage Of Breastmilk

Breastmilk Storage

Breast milk can be stored either in a clean glass or BPA-free plastic bottles with tight fitting caps. There are also milk storage bags available in the market that is made for freezing breast milk.

Breastfeeding Tips on freezing breast milk

  • Refrigerate the expressed milk soon after it is collected and label the date of storage on the bottle and write down your child’s name on it if you are giving it to the day care center.
  • Do not store the milk in disposable containers.
  • Wait until the milk is completely frozen to tight the bottle caps.
  • Always allow an inch of gap from the top of the bottle as it will expand when freezing.
  • Always store milk in the freezer back part and not the door opening side.
  • Never shake the milk bottle or container, as this can cause a breakdown of the milk’s nutritional values and so it is recommended to swirl the milk instead with a spoon.

Breastfeeding Tips on warming up the expressed milk

  • Label clearly the milk bottles or containers with the date it was expressed and use the oldest stored milk first.
  • Breast milk usually does not require to be warmed. 
  • Never try to put a bottle of breast milk in the microwave.
  • Swirl the milk and test the temperature of it by dropping little on your wrist.
  • Do not refreeze the thawed breast milk and it should be used within 24 hours.
Guidelines for Breast Milk Storage Time

On table (countertop)
Up to 6-8 hours is okay if kept in a clean environment and throw away any milk that is left within 1-2 hours after the baby has finished feeding.

Portable coolers with icepackUp to 24 hours with a limit in opening a cooler.

Refrigerator Up to 5-7 days is okay if kept on the back part of the refrigerator and not the front opening door.

FreezerUp to 12 months is okay if stored at 0°F and on the back part of the freezer but the quality of the milk may drop exceeding 6 months or above.

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