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When Not To Breastfeed Your Baby ?

When Not to breastfeed?

Babies born with some diseases cannot digest certain chemicals in breast milk and they need special formulas, the diseases are galactosemia, maple syrup urine disease, and phenylketonuria.

Some babies need special formula along with breast feeding who are born premature or very low birth weight, or who have very low blood sugar levels due to illness or from mother who is diabetic.

Mother should not breastfeed her baby if she has the below problems:

HIV infection

TB (tuberculosis)

Chronic nephritis (kidney problem)


Taking medicines such as sedatives, cancer medicines, and anti-seizure medicines.

Hepatitis B (baby should be immunized with Hepatitis B vaccine within 48 hours of her birth)

Hepatitis C

Drinking alcohol, smoking, using cocaine, marijuana or any drugs during breastfeeding will harm your baby.

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