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How To Breastfeed Twins And Multiples ?

Breastfeeding Positions for Twins and Multiples

How to breastfeed twins and multiples?

Most of the time many twin or multiple babies are born either small or premature.  Discuss with your lactation consultant about the various ways you can breastfeed your babies successfully. The basics of breastfeeding can be almost same for one baby or multiples.

There are many mothers who have succeeded in overcoming the challenges with breastfeeding twins and multiples. This is in fact easier for them because there is no need to prepare such as formulas measuring, mixing, sterilizing bottles etc. 

Be prepared yourself for breastfeeding twins by finding the resource from internet or get the information from the parents of twins or find a lactation consultant to discuss with your plans on breastfeeding your twins and find the various techniques. It will help you to learn as much as you can during pregnancy.

Do not worry about making enough milk for your twins or multiples as it is the same way making for one baby or twins because the more milk that is removed, the more the milk mother’s body produces. Double pumping often helps making more milk if the babies are born prematurely. Offer each baby both the breasts or assign one breast to each baby and switch to the opposite at the next feeding. Switching breasts make milk production more.

Breastfeeding positions for twins and multiples

Breastfeeding twins or multiples takes time and comes with practice and it is you and your babies to find an ideal positions and routine. Keep on trying different positions until you find one position that works well for both you and your children. It varies from women to women.  

Some mothers and babies find it comfortable feeding at the same time and for some feel comfortable with individual feedings and again it depends on the time to time and may need to change your feeding positions and routine.

Find some of the below positions that may work for you:

Football position or Double clutch— Position both your babies in the clutch hold keeping pillows at your side and one on your lap. Place the babies on the pillows with your baby’s legs going towards the back of the chair.

Cradle-clutch combine position — Keep one baby in the cradle position and then the second baby in the clutch position.

Double cradle or overlapping position— Position both the babies in front of you with their legs overlapping making an X across your lap.

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