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What Is Early Pregnancy Symptoms

What is early pregnancy symptoms?

Every woman expects that pregnancy brings various body changes and discomforts such as an expanding waistline, weight gain, stretch marks, heart burn and of course other joys of pregnancy too.

The first signs of pregnancy are pretty easy to confuse with an impending period. If you are desperate to get pregnant, it can further raise your hopes and if you are not, it means that you can end up ignoring the signs until they becomes clear.

Missing a period is the clearest sign for woman that she could be pregnant. But there are other causes other than pregnancy for your period that is not arriving on time such as stress, taking certain medicines e.g. the Pill and breastfeeding.

Some women who are pregnant still have a very light period, but if your period is late or much lighter than your usual period, and you have had sex since your last period, then you need to do a pregnancy test.

Some women experience poking kind of feeling in their abdomen with or without slight bleeding. This is called implantation cramping and bleeding. This is due to the egg burrowing into your womb lining.

Some women are so attuned to their body's changes that they suspect so easily that they are pregnant that too very quickly. But some women do not have any pregnancy symptoms for weeks and some women do not have at all throughout the pregnancy. Women who realize they could be pregnant start to have some of the following.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms
  • Your late or missed period
  • Period like cramps.
  • Your swollen and sore breasts and darker nipples
  • Feeling sick
  • Frequent urination.
  • Feeling too tired, despite having enough sleep
  • A metallic taste 
  • A heightened sense of smell and everything smells strange eg to cooking smells
  • Feeling emotional.
  • Burping and feeling generally washed out. 
  • Splitting headaches about ten days after ovulation. 
During pregnancy you might have:

        Body aches and breast changes

        Constipation and Heartburn

        Sleep Problems and nasal congestion

        Hemorrhoids and Varicose Veins

        Leg Cramps and Frequent Urination

        Morning Sickness and Dizziness

        Swelling and Numbness or tingling in hands

        Itching  and Stretch Marks