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Contraception With Condoms


There are two types of condoms. One is male condoms worn on the penis and the other one is female condoms worn inside the vagina.

Male condom

Male condom is a rubber sheath made of natural rubber latex, has opening one side and closed at another end which holds semen once the man has ejaculated.  Condom is placed over the erect penis before penetration. It works by preventing the sperm from entering the vagina.  Various kinds are available in the market under different brand names: plain, colored, dotted, flavored, shaped, and ribbed.    

If the condom is lubricated or freed of air before its use, may burst inside the vagina and sometimes it is ineffective because sperms may be deposited on the vulva before it is put on through mild leaking from penis.

At a glance

Do not roll the condom before placing it on the penis.

Do not use oil, lotions, or Vaseline for lubrication purpose.
Condoms should not be reused.

Withdraw the penis holding the condom against the body immediately after ejaculation.

It is possible that the condom may slip off during sex, if this happens, get the emergency contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy and get checked for sexually transmitted infections.

If one is allergic to latex, can use polyisoprene condoms or polyurethane condoms instead.

Do not use expired date condoms.  

Female condom

Female condoms are made with thin and soft plastic called polyurethane worn inside the vagina to stop semen getting to the womb. To remove it after sex, simply twist the outer ring and pull the condom out by pulling gently.

Spermicidal pessaries are also available in India under the brand name Today. It should be inserted into the vagina 4-5 minutes before the sex and its effect lasts for up to one hour. It can be used together with the condom or by itself.

At a glance

Unlike male condoms, these can be used with lubricants such as body lotions or oils and petroleum jelly.

It protects you from HIV and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases)

It protects against cervical cancer

This is rather tricky to use it first time, but practice may make it perfect.

It may slip out

They are bit expensive and not easily available like male condoms.
It can be put in at any time up to eight hours before sex.

This is also not reusable like male condoms.

Cervical Cap or Diaphragm

They are cones made of rubber or latex with metal at the rim inserted into the vagina before sex and left inside 6-8 hours after intercourse. After that you can takeout and wash it for reuse. Spermicidal creams have to be used along with it. They have to be prescribed by a trained doctor or nurse, as they come in different sizes. But these are not easily available in India.