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Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

Prepare your body for pregnancy

Follow a healthy diet - Balanced diet with regular exercise will increase the chances of getting pregnant fast. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is also important to take foods rich in folic acid usually found in greens (Spinach and broccoli). Include dairy, meat and fish in your diet.

Take vitamins like
Vitamin A, C, D, E; Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Thiamin B6, and Riboflavin.

Being overweight or
can eventually reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. Being overweight can contribute to the risk of BP and diabetes (gestational diabetes) during pregnancy, which leads to many complications in pregnancy. Check with your gynic to see if your weight is a barrier to become pregnant.  Never go for a crash diet or starve yourself. Losing weight takes time and should be done in a planned manner.   

Smoking and alcohol –
smoking and drinking are two important things that one needs to cut back. It is equally important for your partner too, as it can affect his sperm quality.

Caffeine –
Researchers suggested that drinking lots of coffee drinking more than 4 cups a day can reduce the chances of conceiving by about 23 percent .

Having lots of sex at the
time of ovulation
is ideal to become pregnant. Normally ovulation takes place two weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. So try to schedule a special baby making appointments with your husband at your most fertile days. Click here to find out your most fertile days.

When it comes to getting pregnant, your husband’s health
is as important as yours. Good life style and habits prepares your male partners body for the healthy sperm, which increases the chances of getting pregnant fast.  Advise your husband to be stress free, follow a healthy diet, and take more of Vitamin C and E for the sperm to become stronger and develop healthy swimmers.

Check your rubella status –
It is quite sensible to check the status of rubella before you plan for pregnancy as German measles is extremely harmful to your unborn baby.  You can get another vaccination if needed.

Try to avoid any recreational drugs
that you and your husband are taking, as this can seriously impact on your chances of becoming pregnant and may result in premature babies and low birth-weight babies and is also known to affect the sperm quality of your male partner.

Some sex positions
have proven to be better than others for getting pregnant. When sperms are trying to swim up all the way up to your fallopian tubes, be kind enough in helping them a bit by choosing a sex position that allows them tilt upwards.

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